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5 Things That Made Me Crazy This Week

  Are there things that you see happen that like, literally, shell shock you or make you ask what the…?  I mean REALLY, what are people thinking?  Why do people do what they do sometimes?  The worst part of this is I was SO shell shocked I didn’t get pictures of any of it… Fire Selfies – So, a week ago, we lost a very important…

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wine tasting
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How to Feel More Comfortable Tasting and Buying Wine

In case you haven’t noticed, we like our wine at the TriWivesClub. It is definitely one of our pleasures and a way to cope with the triathlon lifestyle…at times…But, we’ve actually even started to get a bit more sophisticated about wine and learning what constitutes a good wine from a “why am I drinking this crap” wine. It has been an experience, however, albeit a…

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When you plan a vacation with a triathlete, there’s certainly the usual considerations that we’ve written about before like: Is there easy access to training, such as a pool/lake? Will you have to bring the bike or can you rent one? Are there kid friendly activities nearby to keep the family occupied? Will you have access to training essentials, such as nutrition? But, there are…

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