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5 Travel Snacks That Fuel So You Arrive Ready To Go

Travel can be exhausting and arriving fresh and ready to go for us is so important.  There is no need to waste time at your destination just because you don’t feel in peak shape from traveling.  The top thing we neglect as travelers is fuel for our bodies.  We always need to think about snacks and meals to make sure we take care of ourselves….

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Give the Gift of Travel – MomsGoodEats Top 5 Picks

Do you need one last gift to put under the tree?  Then, think travel…Travel is a gift that keeps giving for so many years.  The experiences and memories that are shared can be savored forever.  The children will grow from both being with you and the education that travel offers.  This gift can also be given for the holidays, but taken during the year. Here…

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5 Things To Do During Christmas If You Don’t Celebrate The Holiday

Whether you will be traveling or staying home over the winter break, there is plenty to do right where you are if you don’t celebrate the holiday.  Typically, we travel over the holiday week, but with the twins having to fly out the day after Christmas to get back for training camp and auditions, we will be diving into this list instead of hitting the…

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It is that time of year again and we all sit back and question this crazy addiction we have as an athlete, significant other, family and friends of triathletes. Life changes a bit now and although we have written about the off season before, this one brings a distinctively different feeling for me. You see, our season really ended after Ironman Texas in May, with…

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the perfect hostess gifts
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Make A Great Impression With These Top Picks For Hostess Gifts

We have received some awesome hostess gifts this year!  And I mean awesome! I was asked to pick out my top 5, so here they are in no particular order.  Well, maybe a little bit of an order. These are not just great for the holiday season, but year round – think housewarming – and they all say, “Hey, I really put some thought into…

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cancelled flight
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Top Tips to Handle The Dreaded Cancelled Flight

Now that holiday travel season is upon us, it’s inevitable that people will face the dreaded “CANCELLED” post next to their flight at the airport.  I don’t need to tell you that it can really make your travel experience awful or even ruin your whole vacation.  We’ve faced it more than once and if you haven’t, consider yourself really lucky and please share some of…

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It’s been really tough coming up with some new gift ideas this year, mostly because – okay we’re going to brag a bit here – we’ve given you so many great ideas in the past, especially our 2014 gift guide. Seriously…I looked back through the previous guides and all the ideas are still pertinent and should please any triathlete and the special people in their…

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Traveling to a wine and food destination may sound strange for active people, but the truth is, people who love food respect the ingredients and their bodies and wine is always a good thing – we have scientific backing on this one. It’s also said that active people are more happy and according to 10 million geo-targeted tweets, Napa is the happiest city in the…

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animal shelter
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How To Help Your Local Animal Shelter During The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and so, it’s time to spread some holiday cheer! The staff at your community animal shelter has been working hard to care for homeless pets all year long.  Wouldn’t it be great if we took the time to show our appreciation and help some homeless pets in the process.  So, let’s all take a few minutes out of our…

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