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The Eight Stages of Human Development and the Triathlete

Recently, I was researching Erikson and his eight stages of development while working on an article for a new baby product and realized OMG! It has been studied for generations that it takes a human a lifetime to go through each of these stages and I realized it takes just ONE RACE for a triathlete to pass through them all. Trust me, just keep reading…

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In the space of a month, David and I have had two non-triathlon getaways. Since it had been years when absolutely no training would be involved and all gear would be left at home, I wasn’t quite sure how we would handle this new found time together. But, we did and survived totally unscathed and argument free. Want to know our secret? The unspoken expectation…

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Three Important Lessons I Learned About Using Diffusers

David and I have been LOVING our essential oils, but are definitely still newbies and in the learning phase.  But, I’d love to share with you three important things I learned about using my diffuser at night… 1.  Lavender is our thing. Seriously, it has been years since we have really slept thru the night; like not even get up to go to the bathroom.  Well,…

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Can There Be Too Much Togetherness on a Weekend Getaway?

A weekend away together does not mean every minute has to be together. It’s been a long time since David and I did a weekend away that had nothing attached to it.  No seeing the kids; no visiting family; NO TRIATHLON; no concert; nothing… Just a weekend away. Sounds crazy, I know, with how much we travel.  We didn’t talk about expectations or make any…

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Quinoa With Veggies Recipe

Quinoa has quickly become one of my favorite go to grains.  It’s easy, plays well with others in so many dishes, is high in protein, and tastes great.  I really love that it works equally well as a side dish or as a main course, especially for your vegetarian friends and family. Each week I make a double portion of quinoa to use for the whole week….

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If you’ve been a trisupporter of a triathlete for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced this scenario at least once on race day: You’ve been good and planned ahead with your triathlete what time they expect to complete the bike segment. You’ve agreed on where you’re going to be along the spectating route and you’re there 20 minutes ahead of when they’re expected to…

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