As promised, the TriWives are back with Venice, Florida, Food & Fun Part 2.  Hopefully, you’ve read Part 1 and have picked out a few great things to do while you’re in Florida, whether you’re on vacation or in town for the Rev3 triathlon.  Now, we want to give you some favorite places to eat.  We got these from our local friend, Bobbie, so they have all been taste tested.  Venice Avenue is the main area with all the local restaurants.  There are numerous places along that street to eat and so we’lll go over  a few of them.  We’ve provided links so you can check menus, hours, and if you need reservations.  Enjoy!


Made in Italy – This restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating (so you can bring your pet) and serves rustic Italian with wood burning pizza, calzones, and as of Oct. 28 they are adding a bar.

Luna’s Ristorante on the Island – They serve huge portions, so if you need to carbo load before the race, this is the place.

Cassariano Italian Eatery –  They serve northern, contemporary Italian; a blend of bistro flavors and fine cuisine.  Word of warning – they are  always crowded.

How hungry does this make you????

Ciao Bella’s- Great gelato!!  Need we say more.

Cafe Venice Restaurant and Wine Bar– Voted Venice’s “Best Cafe” three years in a row.  Has indoor/outdoor dining area. They have a great, varied menu with something for everyone.  Say hi to Kay, the owner, and most gracious host.

Bushido– Can you say sushi?  Fine Japanese dining with great fresh sushi and tempura.  Home of “Ho” a premiere sushi chef.

Pineapple’s Island Grill – If you’re looking for good live entertainment, this is the place.  While they have a large bar area, they also have  indoor seating for a quieter atmosphere.  They serve a wide variety of food.

Upper Crust Organic Cafe & Bakery- A perfect spot for breakfast and lunch, with great fresh baked goods.

Anita’s Sandcastle – If you’re down by the South Jetty and like hotdogs, grab one at Anita’s and enjoy the view.

The view from Anita’s Sandcastle. Not too shabby…

La Dolce Vita – This wine bar is the place to go if you just want a glass of wine or a bottle and a place to relax with some good friends and listen to an acoustic guitar.  They don’t serve any food, so just for drinks and music.

Sharky’s on the Pier – Sharky’s is right on the beach and is the start of the Rev3 triathalon.  They have indoor/outdoor dining, but beware, they will be packed all day on race day.  They serve a lot of seafood , burgers, and it’s a great location for just relaxing by the water.

Venice, FL: picture of the sunset from our table

View from Sharky’s On the Pier at sunset…..

Althea’s– They have been in Venice forever and have a lot of local flavor and great food.  It’s more of a family-style restaurant.

Blu Island Bistro – This is one of the newer places in town that serve breakfast and lunch and dinner on the weekends.  They have already developed quite a following; maybe because they serve great food.

Venice Wine and Coffee Company – What could be better – you can get your fix of caffeine and vino in the same spot.

The Crow’s Nest – This is a combination marina, restaurant, and tavern.  If you want to celebrate and spend a few bucks, this is the place.  They have a great view and great food.  Apparently, they also have a cute bartender…..

Of course, there are also most of the chain restaurants, such as Outback, Bonefish Grill, and Chilis, all within driving distance.  We just thought you would like a bit more local flavor.  This should give you a good idea of what’s available, so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.  As always, check back with us at TriWivesClub for any updates and follow us on facebook and twitter @triwivesclub.  If there is someplace you really would like to go, we recommend calling in advance to get reservations.  Enjoy your stay in Venice, have a great race, and happy dining!

The sand says it all…..