do you need to ease back into triathlon training season
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5 Tips to Ease Back Into Triathlon Training Season

It is hard to believe that triathlon training season is actually here again. We were just writing about the joys of off-season, weren’t we? But as all good things must come to an end, so must off-season. We’re not feeling too sorry for ourselves, though, as there are pros and cons to both seasons. While we do enjoy the downtime activities, time together, and especially…

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how to relax on a cruise vacation
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How One Triathlete On Vacation Let Go Of The “T” Word

I am here to tell all you tripartners out there that it is possible to take a triathlete on vacation and NOT hear the “T” word, triathlon, mentioned; well, barely mentioned. Yes, it just happened to me… My triathlete husband and I recently returned from a 9 day vacation to Alaska. We were invited by his sister, along with her husband’s cousin. Having had such…

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how I live happily with a triathlete
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When All Else Fails, Have A Cocktail And Enjoy The Triathlon Ride

There is triathlon training season and then there is triathlon training season. The training goes up and down based on when the race is and what type of race it is. There are A races and B races and then there are the “it’s just for fun” races that they treat like an “A” race. You also have to consider where in the training cycle…

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  We all know it takes a lot of work to make a happy triathlon home and we all know it doesn’t happen overnight. Over the several years we have been writing this blog, we’ve collected a lot of wisdom from our fellow triwives on just how they achieve this happiness. So, as I sit in my home unable to get out due to a…

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Well, after a very active triathlon season in 2014, I had expectations that 2015 might be a repeat.  Most races were scheduled, the first one being Ironman 70.3 Oceanside on March 28, and training was in full swing.  But, I should have listened to his complaints about recurring tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, his visits back to his physical therapist, and the wrapping of said feet…

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Who’s headed for Rev3 Wisconsin or vacationing in the Dells?  I grew up in Illinois and we used to vacation in the Wisconsin Dells, but it’s been years since I’ve been there.  Regardless, I have very fond memories.  Did you know that the Dells is known as the Water Park Capital of the World?  So, guess what that means – you have a lot of things…

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what are some tips for spectating ironman 70.3 boulder
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Updated 2018  Ironman 70.3 Boulder takes place completely at the Boulder Reservoir including Ironman Village. It’s about 15 minutes from downtown Boulder. With the shuttles back and forth, you should be able to come and go. We will actually be there this year so will do updates if needed. So looking forward to checking out Boulder! Ironman 70.3 Boulder Spectator Tips At registration, each athlete…

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Now that you’re in Lawrence, Kansas for Ironman 70.3 Kansas, as a spectator, you may be wondering where are the best veiwing/cheering spots.  Well, wonder no more.  We have you covered.  Jodi is in town cheering on her daughter, Lindsay, so has scoped it all out.  Plus, she’s been here a couple of times before, so she knows the territory.  Be sure to follow us…

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Triathlon Spectator’s Guide – 5 Must Read Posts

UPDATE 8/8/14: Since we wrote this article, there are two more Must Reads we have to include: Taking Creative Action Photos That Wow Golden Rules for Triathlon Spectators As we’re coming into full race season, we wanted to share with you some of the most relevant pieces we have written that could help make your life so much easier come race day. We’ve only been…

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