Lindsay’s back with the second installment in her series, Single, 20-Something, and Tri-ing. She discussed Dating to start the series off. Here she talks about what it’s like to be a triathlete and have roommates…

In the second part of our series on being SINGLE, 20-SOMETHING, AND TRI-ING, Lindsay is back to discuss roommates & what you need to do to make it work. Lindsay training for her Ironman 70.3.

Roommates with common interests can work out well…

Many types of relationships become difficult to handle when one adopts the triathlete lifestyle. We’re 20-something, we just graduated, have a budding career, and rent! I live in LA – the land of face-slapping rent prices and therefore, mandatory roommates. I’ve had a lot of roommates. And, let’s say this is still a learning experience for me…because most have been unsuccessful. But, some have been ok!

Living with a triathlete as a roommate has to be the MOST annoying thing ever – 5 am and we are either clanking dishes around slurping our preswim oatmeal or we are vibrating the house on the bike trainer. Add to that – our clothes are always smelly, we’re constantly doing laundry, and when you enter the bathroom, you’ll find any fun surprises ranging from a wetsuit hanging up in the shower to moldy chlorine-scented swim suits hanging on every hook. Seriously, who would want to live with you?! So, since I have some experience on this topic, here are some rules I live by to establish and maintain the peace.


You have to be upfront from the beginning about everything. Seriously. Put it all out there. My most successful roommate and I had a conversation before we moved in together. This is what I let her know:

  • On Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30 am, I’ll be loud on a trainer, but that I’ll put pads underneath it to minimize noise.
  • I promise not to ride outside designated days.
  • I’ll be super quiet when I wake up, but I’m an early morning riser.
  • I’ll only keep wetsuits in the shower for 24 hours tops and that I’ll have a designated hook for swimsuits, etc.
Lindsay getting dressed for a wrap party.

If the bathroom smells get too bad…

Anything that might be annoying, you have to just lay it out there. That way, in the future, she can’t really complain because she was warned, and agreed to move in anyway. Also, this gives you guys an upfront forum to have a conversation and a chance to come up with creative ways to compromise.


Face it, bike trainers are loud. Invest in a mix of puzzle mats and yoga pads. Do calisthenics outdoors. Wear soft-soled shoes or get some acrobatic mats, so it doesn’t sound like there’s a stampede in your house big enough to kill Mufasa. Sometimes you may have to compromise and do trainer rides at night or buy your roomie ear plugs 😉

Lindsay and her pup smiling for the camera.

Lindsay and one of her roommates trying to be quiet…


This is crucial. Really interview people. Maybe you need to find a fellow athlete? Or someone who works at 6am or the night shift? Or is just a really heavy sleeper? Don’t be afraid to interview your candidates in and out! It’s much easier to find the right one from the start, then to have to keep starting over.


Make sure you both establish communication as a priority. Try and discuss any potential issue before it becomes a full-blown problem that can’t be resolved. You both will have to be flexible, within reason, in trying to reach resolution, though, if you want to stay roommates.

I hope these tips help you find that roommate that will stick around for awhile. We triathletes may be annoying, but we also come with a lot of positive attributes, too…

Keep being young, wild, and free, you sexy, single, 20-something trident triathlete you. And, go PR on the course and in life.

Lindsay as a model for Runyon Canyon Apparel.

Lindsay modeling for Runyon Canyon Apparel.