hanukkah recipes for latkes (or as some like to call them, potato pancakes).
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How To Make Potato Pancakes Absolutely Delicious With 5 Ingredients

If you are trying to make potato pancakes for a family dinner or latkes for Hanukkah, read on! This is classic recipe for potato pancakes makes a ton so you can enjoy all week long! On the day before the first night of Hanukkah, it’s time to start making the potato pancakes.  Yes, that’s right! Time to start the latkes. We make a big batch…

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12 Recipes For Traditional Hanukkah Foods That Will Impress Your Guests

We’re sharing 12 of our favorite recipes for traditional Hanukkah foods to ensure you have a festive and delicious holiday! Celebrate the eight days of the Festival of Lights with these simple yet impressive recipes. Part of what makes this time so special is sharing it with family and friends, so go ahead and host that dinner! The Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, is genuinely one…

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Try something different this Thanksgiving by using the sous vide method to cook your Thanksgiving side dishes.
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Sous Vide Mashed Potatoes And More Elegant Thanksgiving Sides

Have you ever tasted sous vide mashed potatoes? OMG! They are so good! Try something different this Thanksgiving (and impress your mother-in-law) by using the sous vide method to cook your Thanksgiving side dishes. If you’re looking for something different to serve up this Thanksgiving, why not try some delicious sous vide mashed potatoes or other side dishes? It really isn’t as difficult as you may…

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how to fix spaghetti squash recipe
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Roasted Veggies Over Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Many nights I find myself tight for time, as I’m sure you do, too. Even when I plan my very best dinner, sometimes things get forgotten. Then, I really am in a crunch for time. To make things easier for me, I often divide my meal preparation into prep time, Sherry WernickeSherry is one of the TriWivesClub and LifeDoneWell co-founders and contributes to multiple blogs….

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what's for dinner roasted chicken recipe
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Enjoy this easy, delicious, and healthy dinner recipe that you can get many meals out of.  This roast chicken recipe keeps on giving in a good way! We love chicken and everything about it. We love it roasted, in soup, on a salad or sandwich, and more. The simple act of roasting a really good chicken makes a chicken that keeps giving back all week…

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I really love when I can get dinner done in 30 minutes, but added bonuses are healthy, real food AND limited dishes… When I am preparing one of my 30 minute healthy dinners, I spend the first 3 minutes pulling together all of the ingredients.  Here is what you will need for dinner for 2, so double as needed to make for more… You’ll need……

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