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David and I have been LOVING our essential oils, but are definitely still newbies and in the learning phase.  But, I’d love to share with you three important things I learned about using my diffuser at night…
1.  Lavender is our thing.
Seriously, it has been years since we have really slept thru the night; like not even get up to go to the bathroom.  Well, my premium kit arrived, and that very night I set up my diffuser, added water, and started with 10 drops of lavender.  My husband giggled a little and said “no way this will work”.  Well, let me tell you, not only did it work, but for four nights in a row we were out. (You can read about the fifth night below).  I just placed an order for more lavender and a bunch of other oils, too.  I am so excited.
2.  Opening your window makes a huge difference.
So, then came the fifth night.  For the first four nights, the weather was warm outside and I set up the diffuser on my bedside table.  Both of us enjoyed the soothing smell as we fell asleep.  The fifth night it was beautiful outside.  Not thinking about the flow of air, we left the diffuser in the same place and opened one window in our bedroom.  The windows were also open the the main area of our flat and the bedroom door open.  We both were up many times during the night and were like, “So, maybe the lavender doesn’t work after all”.  Then, we watched the diffuser literally get sucked out into the main living space and away from our bed.  Not even a small scent of lavender could be detected, but walk into the doorway and it smelled so good.
3.  I have so much to learn.
I know there will be nights we will need other essential oils to diffuse and other combinations.  I am so enjoying reading what works for others and with my new order, I cannot wait to try some new combinations.  I love the fact that with all the personal experiences everyone shares I can learn.

I love my diffuser so much I am ordering more.  I want one in the kitchen area as I keep moving the one in the bedroom everyday to the kitchen.  One will also be in the main living area, as we live in a flat that is over 4200 square feet with high ceilings.  So, the space could certainly use one of its own!  And, I am ordering them for the twins’ rooms for when they are home or we have overnight guests, so they can enjoy them, too.

There are other ways to enjoy lavender without using a diffuser at night, but I am just in love with mine.

young living essential oilsIf you are interested in purchasing any essential oils from Young Living, click here to order your starter kit.

Do you use essential oils?  Do you have a favorite?  I’d love to hear your experience.