We know that each trifamily is different and we know the importance of sharing.  So, we wanted to take some time and tell you about our typical days in training season.  For all of us triwives, this is a way of life that we support and like to make part of our family lifestyle.  Over the next few weeks, we will share with you how triathlon training looks in our homes and we would love to hear about what it looks like in yours.  So, share all you trisupporters!!!  Dana & Jodi have shared life at their houses.  So, last, but not least…

Sherry finishes up with a typical Saturday morning at her house……

cwwlkgpupsPicMonkey Collage

So glad this picture is a distant memory with the snow….

I actually did a post many months ago called, It’s 3PM On A Saturday, but it had a slightly different focus and was one of our first posts, so probably not read by many people  So, I will forge on…… Saturday mornings in my house always start the same, with a dog walk.  No sleeping in in this house on weekends.  Our two furry friends would have no part of it.  Believe me, we’ve tried.  By 7am, they’ve been walked by my husband and I’ve put the coffee on.  However, depending on where in the cycle of race season he is,  it could be me doing the walking AND making the coffee, if he has a long day of training ahead.

Once my cup of coffee is poured, it’s on to the New York Times.  I truly look forward to this all week.  It is one of my simplest pleasures.  But, I must admit I read the paper quickly, just so I can get on to the puzzles.  Not just the Sunday magazine puzzle, but I also love the regular Saturday puzzle.  To complete one or both of these without cheating is the ultimate in satisfaction for me and it has made me a whiz at Words with Friends.  I can usually do the magazine, but the regular puzzle can be a true bitch.  I justify cheating as a learning experience!


Yes, that’s a pen you see. Only way to go….

Breakfast again depends on what’s on my husband’s agenda, activity wise.  I may fix pancakes, scrambled eggs, or just a bagel.  If he wants oatmeal, he’s on his own.  I wish I was a fan, but I’m just not.  I’ve tried it every way, but my taste buds just scream NO.  Even one of my dogs who eats everything but lettuce is not a fan of oatmeal.  She will literally take it in her mouth and then just let it fall out.  Most attractive….

Once he’s consumed his breakfast and waited the obligatory time before exercising, he’s off to the basement or outside, weather permitting.  If he’s off on his bike, I always hope he’s got someone to ride with, but more often than not he doesn’t.  I don’t like long rides on his own.  We’ve had too many friends have “difficulties” while riding, so I much prefer he have company. (Just learned from Dana about RoadID’s ecrumbs, so will be downloading the App for the next ride).

cwbikePicMonkey Collage

Inside or out, still on his bike…

Then, I’m on my own.  Working form home during the week, gives me the luxury of NOT having to do Saturday morning errands.  I am free to be me…..What this consists of can be any one or combination of the following:

  • taking the pups to the beach for a run (end of November to end of March only)
  • volunteering at the local animal shelter
  • listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR radio at 11 am – if you aren’t familiar with this show, tune in – you will not be disappointed (also repeats same time on Sunday)
  • performing duties for several boards that I sit on
  • catching up on my DVR programs
  • having brunch/lunch with friends who work during the week or chatting on the phone for the same reason

It may sound boring, but it makes me happy.  And, shouldn’t that be what Saturday mornings are for…..