is 10 below nye worth the wait for ice cream

Several months ago, my friend and I saw this little spot serving traditional Thai rolled ice cream on new_fork_city, an amazing Instagram account all about food in NYC.  We had been dying to try it ever since. Well, we finally made it to 10Below ice cream this weekend and let me tell you, it lived up to the hype.

When we got to this little storefront in Chinatown, there was a line wrapping around the corner that immediately scared some people away. But my philosophy is that if people will wait for it, it’s most likely worth it and I assure you, it was worth it!

does 10below ice cream have many locations in nye

The atmosphere that they create in the store, with a sleek and cool design as well as blasting music that is more reminiscent of a bar or club, makes the wait almost pleasant. An hour and a half passed quickly and it was our turn. Yes, you heard me right…

After you place your order, you see them rolling your ice cream right in front of you. They use a standard ice cream base and mix in ingredients to create your desired flavor. You then pick your desired toppings to complete the masterpiece. They literally turn liquid cream into ice cream right before your eyes in under two minutes!

The name 10Below represents how the roll is made; the ice cream mixture is poured over a cold plate chilled to well below -10F and then rolled from there. All of the ingredients are fresh and with the ice cream made-to-order, you are truly getting the freshest homemade ice cream out there without any preservatives.

I had the S’mores Galore, which had chocolate and graham cracker mixed in and topped with coconut and toasted marshmallow. Tessa had the Cookie Monster, made with Oreos mixed in and topped with chocolate syrup, strawberries, and more Oreos.

what flavor will you have at 10below ice cream

Doesn’t this Cookie Monster from 10Below ice cream look amazing?

The company says they were inspired by both Thai ice cream art and the way bartenders artfully craft cocktails.  Well, I’m here to say they succeeded.  So, get there, wait in line, and enjoy this amazing treat!

10Below has four locations now in NYC and one opening in Los Angeles. We visited the shop on Mott Street in the heart of Chinatown.
What flavor will you pick and what will you mix in?

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