what are some triathlon destinations that teens will love

Traveling to a triathlon is not always an easy task, but when you are taking teenagers to triathlons,  there is so much you need to consider. While having kids in tow is awesome, teens really need special TLC when considering which triathlons to take them to. More than likely they would much rather stay at home with their friends then have to travel to a triathlon with their parents and maybe siblings. We have actually traveled many times with our teens and their friends and are here to tell you it is possible to survive such an ordeal.

We have found there are three factors to consider when you’re picking the triathlon destination.

  • The first thing to consider is location. Is it easy to get to and will the teens think it’s cool?
  • The second is availability of things to do that will keep them occupied and well, as happy as they can be.
  • The third and most important is will the area allow them to have some independence and privacy.

Taking these factors into consideration, here are our top 3 triathlon destinations even your teens should love.

what are some triathlon destinations even teens should love


Our family has been traveling to Mont Tremblant for over 40 years. We were there back in the days when only Cuddles was where you could stay. Years and years later, the Village was built and then came Ironman. Although we spent many years staying across the lake from the Village, we will admit that when it comes to race week, we stay in the Village. Our hotel of choice is the Quintessence. But depending on how you like to stay at hotels, there are other options like homes, condos, and suites in hotels and at all price points.

what are some activities for teens at triathlon destinations they should love

The pool at Hotel Q.

Location – There is really no better race for teens than Mont Tremblant. The area is gorgeous and surrounded by mountains and water, so they should find it really attractive. While you’ll probably need to fly into a city like Montreal or Quebec, it’s a lovely drive to get there and you’re in another country, Canada. It’s also easy to navigate and the Village is within walking distance to most accommodations.

Things To Do – The list of things to do in Mont Tremblant, both on and off the mountain, is endless for teens alone or with you. Plus, there are teen programs that they can join. In reality, you never have to leave the mountain for teens to have a grand time. We suggest buying them an activity pass so they can do all the Village has to offer.

what are things to do at triathlon destinations even teens should love

Although we stay at the Q, we suggest staying at a property with an indoor pool. Make sure you take the gondola to the top of the mountain and hike down with the kids and have a picnic along the way. We love the luge and do it over and over along with the Zipline and so much more!

Independence – You can give so much independence to teens at Mont Tremblant. This is a location we really feel comfortable letting our twins hang out together and with friends. We have traveled with nannies or family, but highly suggest using the kids’ club with teen activities for those teens you want a little more structure for. Once our teens were a little older, we just gave them check-in times and they went off and had a blast. The race hot spots are all right near the Village, so having them meet up with you is easy.


As you know Ironman Arizona is one of our favorite races and we’ve been there on multiple occassions. It is one of the easiest spectator races in a city setting. Tempe is a college town and makes the teens you are traveling with feel as though they are hot shots. There is plenty of shopping , restaurants, and the race literally takes over the city. It is like everyone knows everyone else.

is arizona one of the triathlon destinations to take teens to

Location – Phoenix is quite easy to get to from most locations in the states and Tempe is a short drive from the airport. Being a college town, Tempe is designed for young people.The big bonus is the public transportation with the train. It makes getting to great spots to have an adventure and explore easy. We always stay right downtown making getting from the race site to hotel during race day easy.

Things To Do – Hopefully, you’ve seen our great list of things to do in Tempe and the surrounding area. There is plenty to do within walking distance, including hiking.We also highly suggest getting a VIP pass to have great meet up areas.When the race is over, try and stay a few days to venture outside of the city and see all that the area has to offer like Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon.

what are some triathlon destinations that teens will love

Independence – Located in the city, independence for teens is a little different. This area is one we suggest doing things as a family or with supervision, except to get food or wander around the hotel. Yes, we feel safe here, but it still is a small city. We required the kids to always be together when going from race site back to the hotel. But the race has great viewing areas and so much to do on site, it makes the day go fast. And having the VIP area as a meeting place to eat and relax makes the day fly by.


We know what you’re thinking and we did hesitate to include Puerto Rico here. But, we are so excited to tell you that we talked to the folks in Puerto Rico and the race is on for this year. The last time we traveled to Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico we went with two eighteen year old girls, my daughter and her friend. We rented an apartment in Old San Juan, but we suggest that with younger teens, you stay at the host hotel, the Hilton Caribe.

is puerto rico one of the triathlon destinations that teens should love

Location – The host hotel is prime for the teens in tow to be safe on property and be able to hit all the hot viewing sites with you. The location is cool for teens. Both on and off property, there is so much stuff for teens to do. From the rainforest to the beach you can enjoy so much. I mean come on…What teen doesn’t want to visit the beaches of Puerto Rico.

Things To Do Both at the host hotel and all over the island, teens can find plenty to do. We suggest arriving a few days early or staying a few days after the race to really see the island. Book some excursions before you arrive so you have the must do excursions booked. Our top three are a visit to Bioluminist Bay, the rainforest hike and trip to the waterfalls, and a day at the beach. And a trip to Old San Juan fo the day is always fun too! This year, the day after the race is being designated a volunteer day. You get to help the residents if you so choose.

is puerto rico one of the triathlon destinations that are good for teens

Independence – The host hotel is one of my favorites for teen independence! Once the kids cross into the outside area it’s a playground for all. There is security to get to the area, so I always felt very safe and the beach area is private! For race day, all of the great triathlete spotting areas are within easy walking distance. You can walk over, meet up, smile and wave, and then head back to the pool.

Which triathlon destinations have you taken your teens to?