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Five Food Mistakes To Avoid Traveling With A Triathlete

Traveling with a triathlete always has its challenges. Worrying about where to swim; is there a a trail or path to run on; can they jump on a spin bike to get a ride in? Then, how much will the trip throw off the training schedule and most importantly, can the nutrition needs be met? Yes, nutrition. Sounds crazy, but it is the most important…

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Training for a triathlon takes it toll on the triathlete’s body. When you add in the body’s needs for proper nutrition, not just to get through the workout, but for recovery, too, it’s imperative that you are able to replenish your body appropriately. In a recent article on about ways to speed recovery, it states that without proper post-workout nutrition, it can take up…

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what are some unexpected summer hostess gifts
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Our house is a lot different than most.  Ever since my husband decided to become a triathlete, he has also became a weekly commuter.  I’m not talking the taking the train into New York City type of commuter.  I’m talking flying to Florida or Nebraska from our home in Austin type.  Add to this situation the fact that he doesn’t cook and has special dietary…

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Back to School Healthy Lunches

So my kids are those kids; they never buy school lunches, but carry their own. They always have a variety in their lunch bags, use real forks and recyclable containers, including glass, and a real napkin. Yea, their friends always made smart comments, until they beame super jealous. (Did I mention they have made it all the way to their senior year in high school…

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Easy Homemade Granola Bars

Make these scrumptious, easy homemade granola bars for breakfast, after a ride, when you’re hungry, or to give as a gift. They’ll please anyway you use them. So many times I have spent at least $1.69 on one granola-type bar to use as a quick snack or for breakfast.  Even the healthiest bars have ingredients in them we either don’t need or don’t want, but…

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Don’t feel bad if you aren’t vegan, organic, gluten-free, or even remotely fat, sugar or preservative paranoid. Don’t feel self- conscience if you don’t eat enough fruit and bright vegetables. Enjoy the fact that triathletes, unlike most other mortal beings, are more than likely able to get away with indulging in unrestricted eating.  Take a look at what’s on the menu at my house! All…

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