Chevy and OnStar.

Safety, space, comfort, and knowing where we are going are all top priorities to our family when traveling.  When traveling to a triathlon race, making sure we have a vehicle that can carry all our gear; is safe to carry our family; can comfortably seat 4 adults and perhaps several four-legged friends; and has all the features we need, want, and desire is a priority.

tmomchevyPicMonkey Collage

The functional Chevy Tahoe.

We always make sure our rental car has OnStar, which means we always ask for one of two vehicles.  When it is just me and my  trihubby at a race, we get the Chevy Tahoe.  We can lay one side or both seats down with a touch of a button and the bike case slides right in.

If the twins are with us, the Suburban is our car of choice.  The back row can lay right down with a touch of a button and the bike case fits in sideways with all of our luggage as well.  There is so much space, no one is touching each other and hence,  there is no fighting…

tmomchevy1photo 4

How many TravelingMoms can you fit into the back of a Chevy Suburban?

Both the Tahoe and Suburban are easy to drive and many of the new safety features are a bonus all cars should have:

  • If you drift into another lane, the driver seat vibrates on the side you drift to, alerting you to correct yourself.
  • Side mirrors have special lights that alert you if you get too close to the vehicle next to you or if there is a car too close to safely switch lanes.
  • There is a backup video to see what lurks behind you so you can act accordingly.
  • And, then there’s the OnStar navigation system….

A navigation system is key at race sites that are new for us; for getting there, driving the course, and running SAG.  Not only was the new navigation system spot-on during our test drive, but the voice control and ability for the OnStar representative to download directly to our vehicle, was mind blowing to me.  I mean really!  I can’t name the number of times our triathletes take off on their bikes and give us cross streets from their race packet maps to be at, and we have no clue where we are.  Then, they call and the location has changed, someone has a flat, or they took a wrong turn.  With a push of one button, an OnStar rep is on the phone and you have help.  It’s great also to know that help will be on the way should an emergency arise.

When traveling alone or with the kids at a new race site, OnStar totally saves the day.  Which means, it’s vital that you teach your kids how to use the OnStar system.  It’s also a great sense of relief to know that help will be on the way should an emergency arise.  If we haven’t sold you yet, check out this great article at SheBuysCars on Chevy and OnStar and how they offer fun, style, and security.

While the OnStar system is such a bonus, wait until you see what is coming in the 2015 model, 4G LTE!  What else does the trisupporter need when driving the SAG vehicle?  Long waits at the bike and run training spots just became a whole lot of fun and multiple devices can run off of the one system.  Check out our friend, R We There Yet Mom’s, full description of this incredible feature coming.  Your car is now your hotspot!


Disclosure:  We were hosted by Disney at the BoardWalk Resort for the TravelingMom retreat.  Chevy provided the vehicles for us to test-drive and a stipend toward our travel expenses. However, all opinions, as always, are entirely our own.