cuddly fabulous finds from target perfect for holiday gifts

I happen to be a frequent target shopper. Yes, you read that right – target! I am obsessed. Target has so many fabulous finds and so many items that are cozy for the winter. I am using many of these for holiday gifts as well as for myself! Being a target fan, I have found it to be a great source for a variety of my needs. And I have to admit, when I buy something for someone else, I often send up getting one for myself, too.

The best thing about target is you do not have to leave home to go shopping! I live 40 minutes to our closest target, which is a hike! Granted, 8 miles of that is just getting from our lane to the main road… So, on- line shopping is often a must. Although I do love getting in the store and feeling all the fabrics and buying all the things not on my list…I just wish our target had a Starbucks, too!

So, here are five fabulous cozy finds perfect for yourself and as gifts this holiday season. Plus, there’s one bonus because I love Hoda!

cuddly fabulous finds from target make perfect holiday gifts

While all of these are items I have bought for myself and for others, all of the links are affiliate links. This means if you click and buy something, I do make a little money.

Cuddly Fabulous Finds from target: Perfect Holiday Gifts

The Women’s Any Day Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sherpa Pullover – A New Day™

This is absolutely my number one favorite everyday sweater this year. I bought one for my daughter and then went and bought two for myself. I literally wear this pullover all the time. It is like walking around in a fleece blanket, but dressed up. It is soft, warm and cuddly.

the perfect cuddly fabulous find from target pullover

I really love that the neck is so big. I did size up two sizes as I wear it a lot on the farm and layer it. I also love to throw it on over my PJs to warm up. But, yes, you can dress it up very easily. I have worn it with high boots and chunky earrings for a dinner. Granted, it was not planned. I was just too lazy to change, so I threw on the boots and earrings and boom, I was all dressed up.

Solid Plush With Faux Fur Poms Throw Blanket – Opalhouse™

This throw blanket is a must to keep you warm and toasty this winter. The price point is incredible and the feel is luxurious. Throw one on every chair and bed in your house. I love the faux fur poms as a whimsical touch and hey come in so many colors. I am stuck on blush this year. I did blush in many of the rooms, but have also bought the gold and cream.

a plush throw from target perfect for holiday gifts

A big plus is they wash beautifully. I lay them flat to dry and then throw in the dryer to fluff. I am thrilled with how they came out.

Women’s Deluxe by Dear-Foam Diana Bootie Slippers

OMG – they have memory foam. I live in slippers in the house. Our shoes are never worn past the porch, so our slippers must be comfy and offer support. These Diana Bootie Slippers have all I need. Plus, they are super warm.

slippers from Dear-Foam at target

If you are buying in-store, please check the comfy inside and compare to others before you buy any other slipper. I love that they have the memory foam and come up above the ankle, because it gives just a light support. These are true to size and I have a wide foot. They fit me perfectly!

Women’s Sherpa Beanie Hat – Universal Thread™ One Size

This whole collection is the best. In all honesty, I bought 2 hats and matching mittens for two friends Then, when I was in target the other day, I bought the pink and brown hats and the brown band and mittens all for myself. I didn’t even try them on to see how they fit. I loved them so much I just put them in my cart.

cuddly fabulous finds from target knitwear

When I got home and tried them all on, they were all perfect fits. You know how sometimes the bands pull and then don’t feel warm…not this one, it is warm and cuddly. I suggest buying these up now for the perfect holiday gift set.

Cozy White Cottage – by Liz Marie Galvan

I have been following Liz Marie Galvan on Instagram since we bought our farm. Someone suggested I look at her farmhouse for inspiration for our two lodge houses. Well hello, warm and cuddly, just how I love it. Her home truly is the Cozy White Cottage. She is everything you want in an inspiration…down to earth, relatable, not a sell out, passionate, hustler, professional and sweet.

what are some cuddly favorite finds from target

I was following her just for deign inspiration and found so much more. Just like me, there are many facets of her career and life. And she has a Grace and goat and I have a Grace the Guinea Fowl. Now, back to the book…I had no idea she wrote a book. I was walking through target and saw it and had to support her and get it. It is about feeling cozy at home. You all know when we moved to this house feeling like we were on vacation while home was a priority. Not only am I using this book for our home, but it is also helping to shape the feel in our Lodge Houses.

Bonus: I Really Needed This Today – by Hoda Kotb

So, while I was in target the other day I went to the book section to pick up a copy of Cozy White Cottage for a gift for a friend I was going to meet. Well, it was out of stock so I wanted to find another book. I was looking and this book literally jumped off the self at me. Granted, I was not paying attention and the carpet in my cart knocked in and 3 copies fell to the ground. So, I put one back on the self and two in my cart.

I love Hoda, everything about her! So, that was selling point one. Then, I just opened to a page and it read: “November 14: Do more of what makes you happy. Step 1: Figure out what makes you happy. Step 2: Do more of it.” SOLD!

kods's new book I really needed this

The book is a collection of thoughts from Hoda and those close to her. After a couple of days of just flipping the book open and reading a page, I am in love. I am so sick of all the BS motivational books and quotes. This is a simple collection of thoughts, thoughts that matter, thoughts that make you laugh, the say “oh yeah” and inspire.

Who is on your holiday list? Buy them what you love and they will love the gift too!