fabulous finds for fall pasta with veggies

Fall is here…Yes, it really is. While it comes with mixed emotions, I am making the best of this time. This means I have found some fabulous finds for fall…

Spending a lot of time in the garden and on the farm with the animals, I am always on the lookout for anything that makes my life easier and/or just plain makes me happy. Fall, to me, means getting cozy, going apple picking, and enjoying meals that are a bit hardier. Does that sound familiar? If so, check out some of my favorite finds this month.

Della Terra

October is National Pasta Month. Who knew one of my favorite meals had a whole month dedicated to it! And it just so happens that I have discovered a wonderful new pasta. Our friends at Della Terra Fine Pasta sent me a couple of boxes of their artisan pasta made in Great Plains. Made mostly of durum wheat, Della Terra pasta is simple and delicious.

fabulous finds for fall like dell terra fine pasta


While many pastas are simply a delivery device for the sauce, Della Terra is truly the centerpiece of the dish. The speciality varieties are perfect for holding the sauce and I am looking forward to trying more varieties. This week, the campanelle is in our meal plan. A mix of garden veggies and a fresh tomato sauce sounds like the perfect accompaniment.


I know you are like, “That’s no fabulous find! We know Tate’s and you have featured them on Instagram before.” I know I have told you to try them, but this is different. I received a message on Instagram from the folks at Tate’s asking if I would like to try some of their cookies. Well, hello – YES! I thought…How sweet, they will most likely send a few bags of the chocolate chip and we will enjoy them. NO! They sent a large variety. Who knew there are so many different types of Tate’s cookies?

are tate's cookies fabulous finds for fall

But wait!

Then, I received messages from you all that there were even MORE choices. My dear friend, Rebecca from RWeThereYetMom, sent me pictures of the coconut cookies. One choice was better than the next, but the chocolate chip is still my favorite. And did you know they have coffee cakes, tea cakes, brownies, and more. I had no idea. There was a card in the package they sent with a 20% off code just for you. So, go to Tate’s and use the code Tates20. A brand we have always loved, but all these varieties…what a fabulous find.

Full Moon Organic Pet Treats

I truly believe in only feeding my dogs what I believe in. Full Moon checks all the boxes. Simply said, the treats are human grade and all four of my pups – yes, I said 4 pups – can enjoy them. Often, with pet treats, they are designed in a way that either my old guy, my little guy, or my puppies cannot enjoy. But with Full Moon, all 4 members of my crew can enjoy.

will dogs love full moon organic dog treats

I also love that by giving my pups Full Moon, I am supporting family farmers. Each ingredient is sourced with care and has all natural flavors with no flavor enhancers. You can buy organic, like me, or from the natural lines. There is something for everyone.

Farm to Home

Recently, Farm to Home sent me sample towels. I had to try them out. They are everything we love…soft, wonderful colors, organic, and the company has a true desire to better the lives of everyone involved in their production journey. They start with non-GMO cotton seeds, follow with fair labor and sustainable agriculture and finish with a product you can trust in your home.

farm to home towels are fabulous finds for fall

I have to say, they wash beautifully and I loved being wrapped in my towel after a shower. There are many more products in the line and I am looking forward to getting the blankets, sheets, and robes in my home, too.

Lotus Rice

Lotus Rice has long been part of our home, but I am not sure if I have shared them in a while. While at the ShiftCon conference, I was so excited to hear about the new products and packages. Beyond that, I learned about the innovation and improvements Lotus Rice is making in the growing process and well-being of those growing their crops.


The new practices of their growing process are truly impacting the environment for the better and improving the lives of their farmers. I was literally tearing up during their presentation and have to learn more! I am looking forward to trying many of the items I have not tried yet, including the rice crackers and new noodles.

What Are Your Fabulous Fall Finds?