online exercise programs to keep you active and fit

While many gyms are open once again, you may not feel totally comfortable being inside with a group of strangers right now. We put ourselves in this category. But we still want to maintain our health and keep active. So, what are our options? Well, we have found some great online exercise programs that have kept us motivated or at least off the couch and away from the computer.

When this pandemic first started, all of our gyms were closed. When you’re used to working out at a gym 2-3 times a week and that is suddenly taken away, you are forced to look at other options.

online exercise programs to keep you active and fit

I, at first, did zoom classes from my gym, but they weren’t always at times I love to work out at. I’m not a first thing in the morning or an after 5pm workout person.

So, I increased my outside walking and played more golf, which was fine until it poured rain or winter hit and it even snowed. I started to look at what online exercise programs were available to see if anything appealed to me. And, yes, I found some favorites that have kept me at it for almost a year now…

Online Exercise Programs to Keep You Active and Fit

Quiet Punch

I started taking a cross fit boxing class over a year ago and was hooked. When Covid started, they did zoom classes which I took, but as soon as the gym could reopen, they did and offered only one zoom class a week at 5pm. So, that left me without a way to box. Problem was, I didn’t want to stop.

I looked at buying home equipment, but so many items need a lot of space, a lot of sand or are very expensive. Nothing that was appealing to me. Enter Quiet Punch…the one time I’m happy to have a pop up FB ad in my feed! I actually clicked on and started my research.

Well, it’s a small punching bag that fits in a doorway with rods. So, it doesn’t really take up any space and requires minimal set up.


After reading quite a few good reviews and checking the price, I decided to take a chance and ordered. It costs around $250 and I got a $25 discount. There’s no monthly subscription charge for classes.

I was impressed that the owner sent a welcome email with instructions to download the app and set up an account. They then send you a link with access to their video library.

Now, sorry Quiet Punch, but the classes aren’t what I’d call sophisticated or have great aesthetic value. However, they are easy to follow and come in 30 and 45 min lengths. You can also get a sensor that will keep track of your number of punches. I chose not to.

I have been using the unit now for about a month and am really very pleased with the workout. I think it’s one that will continue to keep me coming back. They also have a private FB group you can join.

Silver & Fit

This one is from Dana…Since November when I was introduced to Silver & Fit, I made a commitment to take one class a day. I have kept that commitment, taking a variety of the classes which I love because I never get bored. I started at the beginner level for balance and have been working my way up.

The balance classes have been a priority for me to maintain a healthy back with all the lifting I do here on the farm. The farm keeps me moving, but that movement alone does not give me all I need, like balance, strength training and relaxing yoga.

Getting older is no joke, but keeping in shape both physically and mentally is a must! Stress free working out gives me the ability to meet both of those needs. Plus, you all know I am all about being home and using online exercise programs, especially now with Covid-19. I found one perfect to fit into my days and I never have to leave home for a good workout.

online exercise programs like silver & fit

A little story…Last night after 12 hours of rain, I had to close up the barn in 3 inches of mud. It was dark, still raining, and my muck boots were deep in mud. I had a guinea fowl under one arm and the big goats were making a run for the open gate. I had to quickly reach to pull the gate shut and all I could think about was here goes my back.

Well, thanks to all these balance and flexibility classes I was perfectly fine. I am beyond happy with my results.

Another thing I love about the Silver & Fit classes is I only need my I-pad or phone and I am good to go. You can LiveStream classes right on Facebook or YouTube. No need to download another app or anything!

Finally, there is truly something for everyone. I am going to add some of the cardio classes into my week, too. 


I started using this app when the pandemic started. Neou offers thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes in every discipline such as boxing, yoga, and pilates and at every fitness level. The company actually curates fitness influencers and then offers the classes to you. Plus, it offers programs and challenges for weight loss and getting healthy. 

neou fitness online exercise programs

Photo credit Neou Fitness.

You can choose to create a profile to personalize your experience and they will give you recommendations on classes. You can even track your progress. Neou streams on your TV, phone or tablet. You can get a free 7 day trial, and then it costs $49.99 per year, which I find very inexpensive for all it offers.

Obe Fitness

Similar to Neou, this app offers at least 22 live classes daily from pilates to barre to boxing to yoga, plus over 5,000 on demand classes. They offer classes for all levels of fitness.

But there are several things that make Obe Fitness so unique. All of the classes are only 28 minutes in length, so you can really fit it in to any busy schedule. The classes are conducted in these pastel boxes that are cool looking and soothing.

obe fitness online exercise programs

Photo credit Obe Fitness.

You can choose specific programs for specific numbers of days to say jump start, rev your abs, or do yoga and then you just go to each days class. And you can even choose the discipline you want and then pick a specific instructor if you like. 

Classes can be streamed on your TV, phone or tablet. You can do a free trial and if you like it, pay for a subscription. Monthly is most expensive at $27 or annually at $199.


Just in case you love to dance and are going through Zumba withdrawals, Zumba is where you can find tons of virtual streamed live classes from around the world. Plus, you can also find live classes close to you. The cost of each class is set by the instructor and you pay through sites like PayPal.

Photo credit Zumba Dancers.

While I love to dance, it took me a while to get Zumba down. I guess I wasn’t as coordinated as I thought. I ended up just doing my own thing in the beginning to compensate, but I still had tons of fun and eventually got the moves down. But, I had to do the same video multiple times. Zumba is just so darn fun and upbeat, it keeps you coming back for more.


When in doubt, there’s always YouTube. You will find thousands of free classes of all varieties and lengths on YouTube. I just find it a little difficult to navigate and time consuming to find classes I want to watch. I’ve actually started and stopped multiple ones because I ended up not liking them. Paying a fee for one of the other online exercise programs is worth it to me.

Are you using any online exercise programs that you like?