JINYA Ramen Bar in Omaha

With the past runaway success of Omaha’s now defunct Ramen Fest, it’s only natural that ramen lovers would hope for more local shops to get their slurp on. Now serving up delicious ramen, and “a bowl above all others” is JINYA Ramen Bar. This new-to-the-Midwest concept, located near 72nd and Dodge, joins Yoshi Ya and Ika Ramen as Omaha’s ramen restaurant trifecta.

While the strip mall location doesn’t exactly inspire confidence from the outside, inside offers a hip vibe that you’d find in any large city. In fact, each JINYA Ramen Bar location from Tokyo to LA maintains the same sleek, yet approachable decor.

But on to the main event, the ramen. I was super impressed with both my bowl and my dining partner’s. We sampled the Tonkatsu Black and the Chicken Ramen. The Tonkatsu was the clear winner, with some nice heat and balance from savory pork, fresh green onions, and spicy chili paste; a hotter version is also available for those with a braver palette. The Chicken bowl can be altered by adding cheese and tomatoes, which results in a more European pasta feel. This would be an excellent introductory option for a new-to-ramen convert. Both bowls provided the silky mouth feel of classic ramen without being too unctuous which is a difficult line to straddle.

is JINYA Ramen Bar for Omaha ramen lovers

Photo credit JINYA Ramen Bar.

What’s especially great about JINYA is that the noodles and broth are both made fresh in-house daily. This means whichever ramen you pick will surely be tasty and complex. Check out the full menu here as they offer many other slurp-able choices for your every ramen whim, plus well-paired appetizers and surprising desserts.

JINYA Ramen would be an ideal option for an affordable date night out, cool family dinner, or quick bite before a show at the Omaha Community playhouse around the corner. Kids options are available, as well as a few vegan picks. Adult-sized portions of ramen fall into the $11-$14 USD price range. This establishment adds a readily needed touch of international flair to an often neglected area in the middle of Omaha. While it is a chain, JINYA Ramen offers an elevated experience that still feels convenient and approachable. It is well worth a visit.

LifeDoneWell was invited to a hosted media preview of JINYA Ramen Bar, but all opinions expressed are our own.