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Life with a triathlete…Never boring…

We have found over the years that living with a triathlete provides many unforgettable and often unbelievable statements that give pause. Some of what comes out of their mouths just has to be shared.  But, we’ve also found it’s not just the triathlete that utters these comments; we’re often just as guilty as is the rest of the family.  So, we decided in the spirit of being good trisupporters, we would share some of them.  We have now been doing the quotes since November and will continue as long as they keep coming.  We have faith in our triathletes that you’ll see these for many more months ahead.  Plus, we’re sure you have your fair share, too.  So, get ready to spill.

  1. Trihubby seeing the new Jack & Adams store where they actually have a bike wash room:  Indoor bike washing is like bike porn.  Now at least I’ll know where to find him – his mistress’ spa….
  2. Said by triwife when she opened a drawer during moving and found multiple pairs of goggles:  Hello my name is Dana and my husband has a TYR Sport goggle problem.


    Do you have a goggle drawer at home?

  3. Said by triathlete:  My other half once came home and caught me in my wetsuit watching TV.  I was only trying it on, but got distracted.
  4. Tridaughter to twin brother:  Just don’t come out in the speedo.  I’m not ready for that.  Dad’s drag suit was enough.
  5. Trihubby:  You’re making me race, so you and Sherry will have more content for your blog.  Triwife:  Why, don’t you want to race?  Trihubby:  Because, I don’t want to get up that early.  Triwife:  You usually get up then.  Trihubby:  Obviously, didn’t think that one through.  Can I change my answer?
  6. Trihubby via text:  Can you check my TrainingPeaks for me?  I’m in a meeting, but want to know my workout for Sunday.  By the time he wrote this text, he could have checked it himself….
  7. Trisister:  Maybe I should get my hubby to try a triathlon.  David can do so much more than the kids can do now and he is so much older than us.  
  8. Trihubby in the middle of a conversation:  Now, bear with me.  You might be able to use this for an article.  We’re so happy we have supportive husbands for our blog….
  9. Trison at a baseball game:  Baseball watching is so easy compared to triathlon spectating.  Love that he recognizes this fact and appreciates what we do….

    twcsambb3photo 2

    Sam enjoying a baseball game.

  10. Trihubby lying in the hospital after being hit by a car:  When does the IronmanXC schedule come out for next year?  I think it was the pain meds….
  11. Trihubby as he’s heading out the door for a 4-5 hour bike ride: I have my eCrumb turned on.  Don’t worry.  After David’s accident, he knows better than to not have this operational….