I found a little European heaven in Omaha today! Who knew. The one thing I miss most when I leave Europe is the breakfasts. They are amazing and I could eat them everyday.

Well, today I stopped by the new Hotel Deco breakfast that is open now and will be expanding in the near future. First let me tell you about the space if you haven’t been. If you want to impress a client, spouse or friend the bar area where breakfast is served is elegant, private and very special. You really don’t feel like you are sitting downtown Omaha. I enjoy lounging I the morning so the couch area is perfect to fix your plate and relax with your tea or coffee. For a business meeting or quick touch base the tables are set off behind the buffet where you can talk without being in the middle of a restaurant.

European Breakfast at Hotel Deco

The food, well since the concept is from Paul of The Boiler Room and Le Bouillon and Charlie of Hiro 88 you can only imagine the food is fresh and real. And the price is perfect, too low I think but don’t tell the guys! $9.95 for locally homemade pastries and breads, fresh fruits, beautiful meats and cheeses and yogurt with all the topping you could want. And of course you can find real eggs scrambled and bacon to enjoy. Topped off with fresh fruit.

Something for everyone

I am so delighted to have this 2 blocks from the house and cannot wait to go back soon.

Breakfast is served 7 days a week and I am loving another great breakfast place in the Old Market. So whether you are local like me, visiting or doing business please make a stop by Hotel Deco for breakfast and visit with Paul and Charlie in The Encore Lounge.

Thank you Paul and Charlie for proving another great place!