4:45 AM in my house…

Being married to a triathlete during the holiday season can be a blessing and a curse.  After years of living this lifestyle, I have learned how to use it to my advantage, but please, no one take that personally!

The holidays are filled with open houses, fundraisers, events, dinners, and parties.  This week alone, Sunday-Saturday we could have been out 7 nights at 13 different events.  Although fun and exciting, it can get exhausting and overwhelming, even for me, Miss Social.  But, for my poor triathlete who is still coming back from his accident, it can be impossible.  Plus, he is at the peak of his busy work season, so that whole, “Oh, I am so sorry, but we have to leave early because David has a 4:30AM swim” is used a lot.


Another night & event. David goes head to head with a local blogger in a Hell’s Kitchen Quick Fire Kick-Off.

We, as a family, decided to make triathlons a part of our lifestyle, meaning time, money, and emotions have been invested.  We make its importance in our lives very public to friends and family.  As a couple, we pick and choose what to say “yes” to and what to say “thank you, but we will not be able to attend”.  Because of our honesty, people fully understand and respect our decisions.  We also put on hold some on-going activities we would normally be partaking in to make room for more holiday activities.

The curse:  We are invited to some pretty amazing events and there are wonderful cultural activities that take place during this time of year.  Okay, I’m getting to the curse…I really would like to attend them all, support wonderful causes, and of course, party, but in reality we just can’t.

Here’s what usually happens – I arrive before my husband who is coming from the office; or, I go alone – this week I attended two events solo; or, we go and stop by and then leave very early.  Even worse, many times we leave before the food is served, so when we get home I have to make dinner.  Ugh!  I just have to remember that there will always be another event and time to enjoy.

The blessing:  I get to say, “I am so sorry David has a 4:30AM swim” and it is true!  I don’t have to feel guilty or over schedule our calendar.  I have learned that I cannot only travel solo, but also attend parties and events solo and then go home and hang with David.


Not everyone in our family likes the 4:30 AM alarm…

Being a triwife can be frustrating and people often say I am crazy to let triathlons run my life.  Truth is, they don’t!  Triathlons are part of our lives; it is a lifestyle.  Without triathlons I would not have met some of my dearest friends; I would not travel to some of the amazing locations we visit;  and I would not have fallen in love with running and keeping myself fit.

So, the next time you hear me say, “I’m sorry, but we need to leave early, because David has a 4:30AM swim”, he really does!