OFF SEASON – If they haven’t already, most triathletes are coming to an end of their race season and entering what is affectionately known as “off season.”  We have been wondering amongst ourselves what exactly defines “off season” and wondering if it truly exists – our triathletes seem to work hard year round. We decided to take it to the people who know best – the coaches.  These are the questions we posed to them:

1. How do you define “off season”?

2. Has thinking changed over the years as to what “off season” means for a triathlete?

3. Does the athlete typically go through “off season blues”? Is there such a phenomenom?

4. If yes, how can the trifamily/significant other be most supportive?

5. How long does “off season” generally last?

6. How much time before their first race does regular training kick in again?

7. Is an “off season” necessary for all triathletes?

8. What are 3 or 4 activities triathletes can add to their training mix during “off season” to incorporate their spouse, partner and/or children?

Did we miss anything?  Is there anything else you want to know?  Give us a shout.

First up in the Coaches’ Corner will be Brandon Marsh, pro triathlete and most recently known as “1st out of the water” at Kona.  Brandon also took second place at Ironman Mont Tremblant.  He just happens to be one of our triathlete’s coach.  Aren’t we lucky!!!!!  Stay tuned.

Coming Soon:  We will also have answers for the triathletes on what to do during off season, just in case they’re paying attention…..