Center stage at Puttin’ On The Dog.

The TriWives decided it might be a good idea to let you know that we are so much more than the women behind the triathletes.  We’ve all had or continue to have careers and of course, have outside interests that fulfill our souls.  Sunday, for instance, while Dana tweeted her heart out and met with contractors, Jodi struggled with some difficult work issues facing her this week, I was a volunteer at my local animal shelter’s annual fundraiser, Puttin’ On The Dog.  After a soaking rain the night before, the morning brought bright blue skies, a breeze, and fall-like temperatures, perfect for parading pups and their people.

The welfare of animals happens to be the cause closest to my heart and always has been.  I have been involved at many different levels over the years, but today my focus is on fundraising and working at the legislative level to get laws passed that protect animals and to get politicians elected that share my views; neither one being an easy task.  I am currently on the Boards of our town animal shelter and with a wildlife organization that is building a new education and rehab center in the area.

I’m not quite sure how my strong feelings came about.  We always had dogs growing up and I can remember my mom raising some baby squirrels when the mom was killed in front of our house, but beyond that I don’t recall anything unusual to point me in this direction.  In fact, my parents grew up on farms that raised and killed pigs and chickens.  Both my sister and I, however, have found the same path in life, so either we were born with this gene or there was more to the  parental influence than I recall.

It seems that the older I get, the more involved I get, as I realize what truly is important in my life and want to make the biggest difference.  I also tend to gravitate more to friends who share my views, because they are the ones I want to spend my limited free time with.  It is not an easy passion to have as you see so much suffering and cruelty that your heart breaks over and over.  But, my reasons for sticking with it are TRI fold –  we do have many victories;  the people I share this passion with are simply the best; and I have to be part of the solution for the animals’ sake.

Have you found your passion?  Let us know……