What’s in your spectator backpack?

This post will be short and sweet.  On the plane coming to Ironman Arizona, I read a feature in Bazaar magazine called, “What’s In Our Clutches?”  My mind immediately changed clutches to backpacks and hence, the making of a new post was born.  We’ve written an article telling you what you SHOULD have in your backpack, but I wanted to know what was REALLY in there and if you listened to us or had better ideas.  So, I decided to run up to spectators at the race and ask, “Quick, tell me 3 items in your backpack.”  And, you did….Well, a few of you looked at me like I was a crazed spectator, but after a bit of explaining…


  • lip balm, breath mints, and kleenex
  • cell phone, business cards, and reading glasses
  • Ironman course guide, bike pump, and face wipes
  • banana, nuts, and flip-flops
  • gum, a book, and money
  • water, sweat shirt, and room key
  • allergy medicine, kleenex, and eye drops
  • perfume, mirror, and sugar cookies
  • purell, visine, and an extra phone battery
  • handy wipes, snacks, and boxed juice
  • altoids, sunscreen, and oil blotting sheets
  • sticky tape, notepad, and a flask
  • emergen-c, cough syrup, and luden’s cough drops ( I ran away quickly….)

You also carry a wide range of backpacks and even the kids in tow have their own.  I have to say that some of you REALLY cram a lot into those backpacks and geez, they look heavy…


Even the kids in tow get their own backpacks…


We all have our favorite choice of backpack…

So, there you have the answers to the burning question I’m sure you’ve always wondered about.  I think we need to update our list of must haves in your backpack…

Okay, to be fair, I took a picture of what was in my backpack on race day – sunglasses will be worn and the phone is used to take  the picture…


Pretty much the usual suspects…so boring, but practical…

What’s in your spectator backpack?