does your triathlete have a case of gearitis
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Diagnosing a Case of Triathlete Gearitis

WARNING! This is a gear rant… Life with a triathlete seems to affect every aspect of my life and this includes all the stuff it adds in my life. These type A personalities need what they need, want, and what they’re told can make them a better athlete or at least look better while they’re trying. Yes, we’re partially blaming all of you triathlete magazines…

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why gravlax is easy and healthy to fuel your triathlete
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Fueling Triathletes Is Easy And Healthy With Gravlax

Fueling triathletes with foods that are real and good for them and the family can be exhausting AND expensive. We have found one way to provide a food high in benefits and house-cured, thus keeping the cost down. The best thing is that this food will also be loved by the family and keeps well. That food you ask…Well, it’s Gravlax! Benefits of Gravlax Being…

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great food in omaha during usat nationals
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Great Food And Drink In Omaha For USAT Nationals

Welcome to Omaha. You are so lucky to have landed in this great city with award winning chefs and restaurants. Being a triathlon family, when we moved here, finding the right restaurants was a priority. And, fortunately, it was not that hard at all. The USA Olympic-Distance National Championships are just a week away on August 13, so we wanted to share our cleaning eating,…

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sport of spectating ironman boulder
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The Sport Of Spectating Ironman Boulder

Boulder is such a gorgeous venue for not only a vacation, but also for an Ironman race. It truly offers it all. The community has tons of wonderful activities, indoors and out, and really, really good restaurants filled with fresh seasonal cuisine. If you’re headed to town and will be spectating Ironman Boulder, lucky you! Here’s some information on the race and tips for having…

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what to do on a non triathlon weekend getaway
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Getting away and having a non-triathlon weekend vacation is just fine in-season and trust us, everyone will survive. In fact, we think sometimes it’s just what is needed for a bit of rejuvenation and is actually great for everyone, including the triathlete and the family. The first step, though, is actually leaving home. We do not recommend a staycation for this getaway. Staying at home…

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how triathlons can make you better parents
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What You Need To Tell Your Kids About Being A Triathlete

When you’ve decided to get involved in the world of triathlons, you AND your family have to adopt the lifestyle that goes along with it. If you have children, they will not be immune to the effects and should be told what their parent being a triathlete will mean to their lives. They will not be happy if they are expecting you at every soccer…

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We are NuttZo fans for all the goodness it offers and all the options of NuttZo flavors you can choose from. Making sure we are fueled by real food that we have control over, though, is what we love the most…and the versatility. While we eat it plain, on scones, in smoothies, and I’ve even created muffins and protein truffle balls with it, I decided…

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Five Food Mistakes To Avoid Traveling With A Triathlete

Traveling with a triathlete always has its challenges. Worrying about where to swim; is there a a trail or path to run on; can they jump on a spin bike to get a ride in? Then, how much will the trip throw off the training schedule and most importantly, can the nutrition needs be met? Yes, nutrition. Sounds crazy, but it is the most important…

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how I live happily with a triathlete
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When All Else Fails, Have A Cocktail And Enjoy The Triathlon Ride

There is triathlon training season and then there is triathlon training season. The training goes up and down based on when the race is and what type of race it is. There are A races and B races and then there are the “it’s just for fun” races that they treat like an “A” race. You also have to consider where in the training cycle…

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Are you craving traditional, old-fashioned meatballs and want to serve them with your carb loading meal before a race? Well, I have a homemade meatballs recipe that you only need one bowl to make, cuts the grease, and you most likely already have all the ingredients in the house. That’s why I call them perfect… I make a big batch and freeze the leftover meatballs…

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Hey, it’s summer! The kids are out of school, you haven’t been away for awhile, and your triathlete is driving you crazy. We all need to get away at times and just because your triathlete is training hard and heavy doesn’t mean you all still can’t take an in-season family getaway. It just takes some common sense and special planning. A lot has been written…

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