Week three with my personal trainer and I am still alive and very proud to say that!

To catch you up, I hired a personal trainer in my goal of getting fit at 46 to workout twice a week for an hour each session.  And, I’ll be honest,  even that is proving tough to squeeze in.  Between everything I’m doing these days and my “stick in the mud” routine, which  I love mind you… Like many of you, I run a household, own businesses, have a busy social calendar, and volunteer.  But, I made the commitment and I am sticking to it.

I have had to change my workouts twice; once from my gym in the building to my apartment while a repairman was there and the other time due to my travel schedule.  But, my trainer is keeping me honest; not canceling, but adjusting.


Getting Fit at 46 under the supervision of my buddies…

Having a flexible trainer was a priority when I was hiring one.  The trainer needed to be able to adjust workouts to meet my needs.  I know a lot of you probably want to hell at me right now, “This time is about you”, “What do you mean you can’t commit to 2 hours a week”, “You should put yourself first”.  I really do guys, it’s just my method may be a bit different from yours!

Yes, getting fit is not only a priority for me, but also a necessity due to my arthritis.  But, so is my life and I love to travel.  I want it flexible!  I want to be able to get up early and make my hubby breakfast; I want to walk the dogs and enjoy my mornings; and I want to be able to pack up and leave town when I want.  (One  advantage of the empty nest!) And not all calls can wait until 11…

My sessions always start with a short warm up to get my muscles going and then move on to 3 circuits that I repeat.  On the day we had to stay upstairs, my wonderful trainer adjusted and I learned something so cool!  Did you know you can warm up you muscles with a roller workout?  And let me tell you it is hard!  We have always used the rollers in our house to stretch and to work out knots, which can hurt, alright does hurt, but when used to get muscles going it is also difficult.  Now, I am sure with some practice I will be fine, but this first one, well…Balance and using your body weight to roll out all your muscle groups, so awesome!

As for the rest of the workout, although we have a full gym in the building, we do keep hand weights and our TRX in the apartment.  So, Tony pulled them out and we got to work.  The first two weeks working with him have been hard, but with this new workout, I was sore in a “good way” the next day.  I was so excited about the workout that as soon as my trihubby walked through the door, I had to show him all that I had learned.  (Felt a little boasting was in order!)

I also have to adjust the days for travel and life events.  For instance, last Friday, I hosted a dinner party for 20 people from my husband’s work at our home and it would have been too stressful for me to schedule a training session that day.  So, we switched my normal Friday workout session to Saturday, when I’ll really need to unwind!!

Call me crazy, but it is my life and I love it and wouldn’t change anything!  So #gettigfitat46 will be on my terms as your getting fit should be on yours!