August 28, 2014

And then we took the day off from getting fit at 46…

Intentions were to get out of bed at 6 AM, go for a run around the beautiful neighborhood around Skidmore College, shower, wake up Sydney, have breakfast, and move her into her dorm at Skidmore.  But, then this happened.

At 5 AM, our really excited only daughter who’s twin brother was already moved into his dorm, was super excited and wide awake.  As we did when she was young, we tucked her in between us hoping she would fall asleep for a bit longer.  And she did!  So, when 6 AM came and she was sound asleep between us, we looked at each other and her and knew that more important than a run was to watch our sleeping daughter and savor every minute.  There is pure comfort in watching your child sleep so peacefully, even when they’re 18!

At 6:45, we woke her up and we all got ready for this very exciting day.  It is race season in Saratoga Springs so the hotel was packed and the Hilton buffet was busy, between those headed to the races and the families moving freshmen into the dorms.

One thing we have learned through our travels is eating real food can be easy if you just ask.  So, when we approached the egg station, hubby ordered his 2 eggs sunny side up and Sydney and I, knowing they had fresh eggs, requested a scramble with veggies and asked the cook to use fresh eggs, not the egg-like juice from the box.  Most real chefs are so impressed we know the difference, they are happy to make us real eggs.  And this chef was happy to oblige our request.

We then loaded the car and headed down the street to move Sydney into her dorm.  Like at Brandeis, there were helpers to unload and carry all of her stuff to her room.  We had her unpacked and room complete by 10:30.  Isn’t her room cute?

photo 2-28

Syd’s room – who’s that in the mirror?

twcdd&sPicMonkey Collage

Mandatory parent pics during move in day…

The three of us then had a wonderful lunch in the school’s dining hall.  The food was unbelievable with so many healthy real food choices, which made me feel so much better.  I am so excited for my daughter!  They even have a college garden right out of her dorm, grown by the students, that supplies vegetables to the dining hall.  She is so so happy, but I’m not sure if it’s about the garden or the fact that SHE’S AT COLLEGE!

We walked the campus and then sent her on her way to white water raft and rock climb for pre-orientation.  How cool!  Why didnt they do that when I went to college!!!  It was then time for us to leave and we all said our farewells.  We got back in the rental van, took an empty nester selfie, and drove to Mystic, where we will spend the next 4 days with my husband’s family to celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary.

photo 5-4

Our empty nester selfie….

So, no run today; no workout at all.  There were surprisingly no tears either.  Just a lot of feeling good that our children are so happy and we know that each has picked a school that is right for them.  Honestly, what could be better as a parent?  I said it was going to be an awesome day!

Tomorrow, we will get up, run into Mystic, enjoy the beautiful view, begin our journey as David and Dana, and I’ll get back to the business of getting fit at 46.  But, for right now, it’s all about savoring this moment…