August 22, 2014

It was an easy morning.  We so took advantage of our cancelled flight last night and lounged in bed, rather than jumping out and hitting our workouts.  Well, his workouts.  Mine, this week, have been a bit later, but they got done.  It was nice not hearing an alarm clock at 4:30AM.  We will both go for a run later today, after we are settled in on the east coast and have stopped by a store to get all the plastic containers we need for Sam’s dorm room.

Although David has been working out, the accident has put some extra weight on him, too.  So, we both have decided that we will eat well and stay active these next 11 days, despite being on the road. Traveling can be so hard on working out – between finding running paths, gyms, and a pool, you also have added stresses, which this trip has plenty of.  We will have 4 different beds and lots of driving miles once we land on the east coast; not to mention the emotion of dropping the twins at college.  It will be hard, but we are committed to each other to make it happen.

No flight cancellations today and we are on our way.  So, I decided to take advantage of what the airport offered – a trip to the spa – while we waited for the flight.

photo 1-22

A little back massage was the perfect solution…

The twins occupied themselves in the lounge with games, while David read and did some work.


So happy they can keep themselves entertained…

Many challenges lie ahead of us over the next 11 days.  Here’s just a sampling:

  • 4 different beds
  • 5 different cities
  • 2 college move-in days
  • Eating in school cafeterias – although I hear they’re better than in our college days
  • A 98th birthday party
  • A 50th wedding anniversary
  • My mother’s wonderful cooking;  the twins requested blueberry stuffed french toast, yum and ugh for our getting fit
  • Lots of driving, which we are not used to
  • The emotion of leaving the college campus once we walk out of that second dorm room
  • 2 Foodie Cities, Saratoga Springs and Northampton
  • Traveling with people who do not eat the way we do
  • And I think the worst – that flight back to Omaha without the twins
photo 2-19

Here we go…

So, Ready Set Here We Go….