August 23, 2014

Today was the first day I DID NOT work out since starting Getting Fit At 46!  Yuck!  So, knowing we would be logging in a lot of hours sitting in the car, I decided to stay focused on my food.

We first had breakfast at my in-laws and I made hubby two sunny side up eggs with lox on top and I had a little lox and a little fruit.  We then had an hour and an half drive down to the Jersey Shore to celebrate my hubby’s grandmother’s 98th birthday.  The entire family gathered in the community where she lives!


Celebrating with the family…

We stayed focused on real food, despite a few obstacles.  David ordered the “healthy choice” of a pepper stuffed with kidney beans or so the menu said.   But, it came out as white rice with a few beans, tomatoes, and cheese in a half of a green pepper, covered again with cheese.  So, we shared my roasted chicken breast with boiled potatoes and steamed spinach.  Needless-to-say, we also shared a small piece of birthday cake.

We then hit the road for our 41/2 hour drive to my parents to get organized to take Sam to college tomorrow.  As we passed the exit for Greenwich, we waved to the many TravelingMoms we know who live in the area, plus my fellow TriWife.

About 2 hours in, we were all starving and my dried mangos were running low, so we stopped at a rest stop.  I was very surprised we found organic, natural, and real foods.

Finding healthy snacks along the road...

Finding healthy snacks along the road…

Now, back on the road and looking forward to dinner with the family.  I hear my son has requested baked fennel, cabbage, potatoes, and cod  from my chef mother and blueberry stuffed French toast in the morning before heading out to his dorm.  He loves his bubbie’s real food!

Baked fennel, cabbage, potatoes, and cod

Baked fennel, cabbage, potatoes, and cod

Speaking of the morning – I am getting up early to run before another long, bittersweet day!  Can’t go without the exercise for too long.  Plus, it will help work out my emotions…