where to stay for ironman texas at the woodlands

Ironman Texas takes place just outside of Houston in The Woodlands. Whether making a quick trip down just for the race or making a vacation out of the week, we strongly suggest staying in one of the hotels right in The Woodlands. The course has an out and back bike course making downtime easier and the rest of the race is located right there. The transition area and banquet areas are also right in the center of all the action.

Top picks for hotel choices at The Woodlands Texas

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott

Hands down, our favorite place to stay is the host hotel – The Woodlands Waterway Marriott. Not only is it located right on the run course, but all the banquets are held right in the conference center as well. Leaving the side door of the hotel, you head right down to the finish line and the race Village and if you head out the back door, you are right on the run course and a short walk to the transition area.

what are hotel choices at the woodlands ironman texas

There are many room types, but we suggest making sure you get one big enough to spread out all the gear and one that overlooks the Waterway. We needed a room later in the year because the twins decided they wanted to come and although we were put on a waiting-list, we got a room pretty quickly, but had to take what they had and pay for suite. Although on a different floor, the rooms were easily accessible and we were able to use both stairs and elevators.

The hotel has plenty of options for dining and drinking, including a wonderful outdoor fire-pit area. It is full of triathletes and their friends and family, so it makes the spirit of the race come alive. We also love that it is a short walk to shopping areas and great restaurants.

Hyatt Centric

We actually stayed at the Hyatt Centric a few years back and loved it. Located in the Market Street area, the Hyatt Centric is a very short walk to the transition area. This swanky and fun hotel is a 10 minute walk to the host hotel, but closer to the swim start. The location makes it easy to head back to the hotel once your athlete is on their bike for breakfast and get in a nap before you head to the run course.

The infinity pool is great to hang out all day and being in the Market Street area, there are great restaurants and tons of shopping. The rooms are either standard or suites. We highly recommend the suites, leaving you plenty of room to spread out all the triathlon stuff and leave you room to just hangout.

where to stay for ironman texas at the woodlands

Photo credit Hyatt Centric The Woodlands.

The Woodlands Resort

There is one resort nearby that is great if you are looking for a family getaway wrapped into the triathlon; The Woodlands Resort. While it’s a bit farther away, it’s totally doable with quick feet or bikes. The location makes it a bit harder to get back and forth to take a rest, but it’s not impossible. It is a true family getaway with ample recreation options, good food, kids activities, and much more.

what are hotel choices at the woodlands ironman texas

Movie night at The Woodlands Resort. Photo credit The Woodlands Resort.

There are a variety of other great options nearby like:

  • Drury Hotels
  • Hilton Garden Inn, North Houston Spring
  • Hampton Inn & Suites, North Houston Spring

These hotels are all budget-friendly, but a short drive to the race site. They are Ironman preferred race hotels as well, so there should be secured pricing. You can also check out options on the Ironman site.

What are hotels to stay at for ironman texas at the woodlands

No matter where you stay or why you go to The Woodlands Texas, it’s very family-friendly, which means you’ll have a great time!

Where are you racing next?