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We recently did a post on the 22 Reasons You Should Love Having A Triathlete In Your Life and I started thinking, so this relationship works both ways, right? Quid pro quo, there’s got to be 22 reasons the triathlete in your life should appreciate your contribution to their success! And, voila, guess what, there are!!! Well, we actually came up with more, but didn’t want to seem too braggy. So, here you go…


  1. We didn’t argue when you said you wanted to do that first triathlon…and the rest is history.
  2. We interrupt our Saturday afternoons to drive 25 miles to pick you up after you’ve had your second flat tire.
  3. Although you may never hear these conversations, we brag about your accomplishments to our friends and are actually quite impressed ourselves.
  4. We put a lot of thought into a gift for you that has some triathlon meaning to it, just because it might be important to you.triathlete gifts
  5. We move wet towels, water bottles, and bar wrappers from the passenger seat before we can get in the car without acting annoyed.
  6. We don’t laugh when you take off your bike helmet (well, not in front of you at least).
  7. We actually see this lifestyle as a partnership and want you to succeed even when we complain, because part of us loves the lifestyle, too.
  8. We stand in the hot sun, sweating, desperately seeking shade, or the pouring rain just to get a glimpse of your ass on a bike.greenwich cup triathlon
  9. We learn to eat dinner at all hours of the day based on your training and race schedules.
  10. We make sure your subscriptions to all those magazines are current, so you can keep up to date on the latest gear and workouts.
  11. We have never learned to embrace the speedo and NEVER WILL and yes, this is a positive.
  12. We forego a vacation we want because you “need” a new bike and want to do a race in Tennessee.
  13. When you say names such as Miranda, Craig, Jesse, and Meredith, we actually know who you are talking about.miranda carfrae
  14. We walk around expos with you in the hot sun or rain to look at triathlete gear that we have ABSOLUTELY no interest in.
  15. We’ve learned to multitask in our heads, smile, and nod when you start talking about aerobars without you noticing or probably caring.
  16. We let your tri gear and supplies seemingly procreate before our eyes and in our drawers, and in our cabinets, and in our basements…
  17. We get up at 4:30 in the morning on race day because you have to eat, get tattooed with magic marker, and…ironman kona
  18. You can count on us to be there whether you’re having a bad day or an awesome day. (My triathlete actually gave me this one)!
  19. We actually ask you what races you’re thinking about doing next year.
  20. We accept the fact that you’re going to wear spandex and show more of your anatomy than most people care to see or that we want them to see.
  21. As adults, we’ve embraced our inner child by using magic markers and cardboard to create hand made signs, wearing t-shirts with your name on them, and ringing cowbells, so you see and hear us on race day.ironman 70.3 california
  22. And finally…We worry when you should have passed us on the bike by now, but you’re no where to be seen and we can’t imagine what has happened. And, whew, then we see your ass whiz by again…