Finish line at Ironman 70.3 WC. See you there…

Okay guys, here’s the latest and what I’m doing tomorrow.  You can, of course, choose your own spectating plan, but this is one possibility.  Some others were laid out in The Sport of Spectating and the first Update.  I will be staying around the same area the whole time and not even venturing in town – to see my athlete anyway – until the finish.  Here’s also the link for the athlete tracker from Ironman and checkout @ironmobile, too.


Expect something fun and grand for the start of the race.  As I said, last year for the 70.3 they had cannons and men in kilts.  The only issue is when your triathlete goes off in the wave and if you want to spend time waiting.  Mine does not go until 9:08 so I’m going to have well over an hour between the time the pros go off (8am) and Carl does.  I will probably go over for the ceremony, since I will be up anyway, come back to the hotel for a jolt of coffee, and then head back over.


If you go over to the swim exit, which I am going to do, stay on the right side of the exit (facing the lake).  It will be tough to get out if you are on the left as you have to cross the chute with all the swimmers running by.  Once I see my triathlete exit the swim, I decided I’m not going to go to transition.  Instead, I’m staying on the non-lake side of the road and crossing over the bridge to see them on their bike.


I’m going to position  myself at the corner of Chemin Cure Deslauriers and Chemin Duplessis.  To get there, cross the overhead bridge from the swim exit and turn right before you get into the village.  Head to the next street and you’re there.  You will have to hustle from swim exit, however, so don’t dawdle.  You can see them twice at this corner as they head out  for about 10 miles and then come back.  Once they pass you the second time and head towards Route 117, you will have several hours before they’re back, so you have time for a shower or breakfast.


For the run, I’m heading back to the same area, crossing the overhead bridge and positioning myself on Chemin de la Chapelle (the street you head down for the swim) and staying until close to the finish.  You can be on either side of the street you choose – lake or village.   You should see your riathlete run by 3 times.  From the last time you see them, it will be about 45 minutes to the finish, so head toward the finish line.


This will be your call whether you stay to the right or left of the finish chute.  You can see them either way, so don’t worry.

I hope you all all have a great race and a lot of fun.  Keep an eye out for me and please say hi!