Several weeks ago, we asked you guys to share with us your favorite triathlon moments from 2014 and you came through.  From what you wrote, it sounds like a lot of people had a very significant year and we are thrilled for all of you.  It seems like a lot of “firsts” were happening out there.  Here’s what a few of you had to say:

From our friend Tara Newman of @familysportlife:  definitely @newmanjohnd completing his first Ironman in Lake Placid :-)”


John Newman coming to the finish line at Ironman Lake Placid.

Marlene Palmer.  One of my best friends asked me to come to her first triathlon this year at Ironman Arizona.  Well, I couldn’t say no.  I was so proud of her as she was so excited and we don’t get to see each other that often.  She had also invited a good friend that I had never met.  What made this so special was that I not only got to see my good friend accomplish a goal she had set for herself, but I also made another great friend in the process.  We had so much fun on race day hanging out that we bonded and will keep in touch.  Win win…

@ironwomanstrong:  Crossing the finish line of Ironman Louisville! #ididit”

Jen H.  My husband went to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships this year and while I was busy taking pictures of the event and the triathletes, our son was focused on this character and taking his picture.  Just got a kick out of it.  Shows our priorities.


Catherine.  I got to see my daughter finish an Ironman race and had so much fun.  She actually asked me to come. Very proud mama!  I finally got to see what all the fuss was about.  One of life’s most special moments indeed.

Carla Driver.  Without a doubt going to Kona for the first time this year.  The emotion of it all was unbelievable.  Just knowing what my husband accomplished was great in itself, but getting to see the festivities like the banquets, underpants run, and the swim start.  Wow.  I got this picture of people I didn’t know at the finish line, but thought it really showed the emotion I was feeling.


@Triathlonbox:  I think my new wife saying after her first OD Tri “I really enjoyed that, which one am I doing next””

Lindsay B.  Haha mine had to be in Kansas 70.3.  I literally didn’t feel prepared going into the race with a calf issue, so I just wanted to try and get a decent time and see what happens… Especially on the bike leg, because I felt like I missed so many bike workouts and it was going to show. Well, mid bike I felt fantastic and knew I’d keep up the pace and end the leg swiping 15 mins off my PR AND.  I was leading my AG…I turned to the guy who I was yo-yoing the entire bike leg with and told him how excited I was about it!  He was encouraging and said if I don’t chick him now…that he’ll be very disappointed and he hopes to never see me again.  LOL.  So, that’s what I did.  Me and this stranger are now friends today still 🙂 we follow each other on fb. (Side note I did lose it in the run due to calf cramps, but that’s besides the point).


Lindsay on the run at Ironman 70.3 Kansas.

Karen K.  Oh, this one is easy hands down.  Seeing my 6 year old daughter give her daddy a big hug when he crossed the finish line at Kona.  Just the best and a real tear jerker.  I will remember that moment forever, baby.

Allyson H.  I hope I can say this without sounding like a bitch,  but my favorite triathlon moment this year came not at a triathlon, but by having my triathlete husband at home and training very little.  He couldn’t do any races this year, because he started a new job and couldn’t take all the time off.  It was actually very nice to have him at home more and with the kids.  Plus, we saved some money not buying all that tri gear!

And here were 2 of ours in case you missed them…


Carl and Bob at his first Olympic distance race.

Sharing a first…It meant so much to Carl and I to be with our friends, Bob and Debbie, for his first Olympic distance triathlon at the Westchester Triathlon. Just to share the experience with someone so excited and happy over doing a triathlon was the best. He had no expectation about finishing in a certain time; he simply wanted to finish and take it all in at the same time. We had lunch with them after the event and guess what everyone talked about – surprise – triathlons!! Bob had so much fun he decided he’s going to do a half in 2015. I only hope we can be there for another first…


Carl and Mirinda Carfrae in Kona.

Meeting a hero….Not only was Carl in Kona for the Ironman World Championships, but we were sitting at lunch at the Four Seasons Hualalai and he looked over at the table next to us and lo and behold, there sat Mirinda Carfrae, the current (and little did we know, soon to be again) Ironman World Champion. I rarely see my trihubby get so flustered and giddy at the same time, which made this triwife happy.

With my encouragement to go over, he did and I got this picture. Just to show you how flustered he got, he sat back down and went, “Oh my God. I didn’t realize she’s sitting with Mark Allen and I didn’t say anything to him.” (He just happens to be a six time world champion himself). So, he jumps up and runs back over to apologize. Another luminary at the table included Mirinda’s husband, Tim O’Donnell, the current Ironman 70.3 World Champion. Not bad….