Find a classic or new twist on Thanksgiving side dishes in this round up of over 40 great recipes! 

While the star of Thanksgiving and the centerpiece of your table is the turkey, there is nothing better than comforting, delicious Thanksgiving side dish recipes to accompany your meal.

You’ll find some traditional comfort Thanksgiving recipes along with a few twists on old favorites in our roundup. Whether you are cooking Thanksgiving for the 20th year or it’s your first attempt, it’s always nice to try something new. Plus, the truth is I believe that Thanksgiving side dishes make amazing leftovers!

They are also perfect for the vegan/vegetarian in the household. If the dish is not already suitable, you can just swap out say chicken broth for vegetable broth and leave out meat or use plant-based items as a replacement.

We are sharing over 40 delicious Thanksgiving side dish recipes for you and your family to enjoy this year. I hope you find a new family favorite! 

40 Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Easy and quick to make, these roasted garlic mashed potatoes are loaded with flavor. Made with 4 ingredients and quick to prep and we all know mashed potatoes are a must!
A sweet and salty side dish, this roasted pumpkin mash is perfect for fall. Seasoned with cinnamon and ready to serve in less than 30 minutes, this recipe is perfect for the last minute add on. 
This creamy and comforting leek bake is the perfect winter side dish.
No Thanksgiving is complete without delicious homemade Turkey Gravy
thanksgiving side dish recipe for turkey gravy

This delicious recipe for Roasted Parmesan Green Beans makes a perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

Smooth and creamy, these easy mashed sweet potatoes are the perfect side for Thanksgiving dinner.

Make these Roasted Potatoes in the Air Fryer to save on oven space!

You are going to want these applesauce dinner rolls on your Thanksgiving dinner plate. 

This easy Potatoes Au Gratin Recipe mixes butter, onion, potatoes and cheese into a creamy casserole dish that is the perfect for one of your Thanksgiving side dish recipes.
Looking for a Southern-style cornbread stuffing recipe that’s packed with bacon and herbs? Okay, who isn’t? Try this Bacon Parmesan Cornbread Stuffing recipe.
These easy mini cornbread muffins are perfect for your family’s Thanksgiving table. 
This Roasted Rosemary Butternut Squash is a tasty side dish. It has the perfect balance of flavors with strong rosemary and butternut and just a little bit of sweetness from crunchy and buttery brown sugar pecans.
Looking for a Southern-style cornbread stuffing recipe that’s packed with bacon and herbs? Try this Bacon Parmesan Cornbread Stuffing recipe.
These easy mini cornbread muffins are perfect for your family’s Thanksgiving table. 
This sausage stuffing is filled with amazing holiday flavors and topped with crunchy bread. This makes it the ultimate side dish to enjoy at Thanksgiving or all year round!
thanksgiving side dish recipes like sausage stuffing
These red skin mashed potatoes with caramelized onions will become one of your favorite Thanksgiving side dish recipes.
This cauliflower rice and sausage stuffing, garnished with your favorite fall herbs, is sure to please your low carb Thanksgiving guests.
This Sweet Potato Soufflé  is a wonderful Thanksgiving side dish similar to the one you grew up on. 
These delicious and easy brown sugar baked carrots are perfect for Thanksgiving. 
roasted carrots thanksgiving side dish recipes
Spinach Stuffing Balls are a great make ahead side dish for your holiday dinner.
This easy corn casserole recipe is a classic comfort food side dish made with Jiffy mix and just 5 other ingredients.
You will find this Waldorf Salad loaded with apples, grapes, celery, dried cranberries, walnuts, and vanilla yogurt. The combination makes for the perfect side dish for your Thanksgiving dinners.
This Vegetable Pie is full of layers of fresh veggies, a basil pesto and a buttery-flaky crust. 

This Hasselback Butternut Squash is an easy recipe that results in a striking side dish.

Cauliflower Au Gratin is an easy and great alternative to mashed potatoes for those watching calories, eating low carb or eating keto.

How beautiful is this Pomegranate Mint Relish? It’s the perfect side for the holidays.

This Fall Cobb Salad is packed with the fall flavors and looks simply gorgeous! 

This Classic Green Bean Casserole Recipe is a must-have at holiday dinners!!
This broccoli rice casserole will become a dish your family requests every year for holidays.
Candied Sweet Potatoes is an easy side dish recipe that tastes like a dessert thanks to tender sweet potato rounds covered in a rich, buttery glaze.
This Cranberry Orange Sauce recipe is a classic dish perfect for Thanksgiving.

This simple Thanksgiving rice pilaf recipe is made with nutty wild rice, sweet and tangy cranberries, leeks and fresh herbs.

This homemade stuffing recipe is way better than anything you could pull out of a box.

Don’t settle for jellied canned cranberries when you can make a fresh batch.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon is a side dish that is easy to make and a great addition to your holiday dinner.

Make this Old-Fashioned Cranberry Salad, also known as a Cranberry JELLO mold for a Thanksgiving side dish this year.

Garlic Roasted Beets will turn even non-beet lovers into fans.

These easy to make honey roasted parsnips are a super accompaniment to a turkey dinner.

These sweet and savory root vegetable pot pies are perfect for the cold days of winter.

This Cheesecake Factory Mac and Cheese Recipe is the ultimate comfort food!

Delicata Squash is a versatile winter squash that is perfect for stuffing, mashing or pureeing and perfect for all of your holiday dinners. If you haven’t tried this squash, now is the time.

Which Thanksgiving side dish recipes will you be making?