August 25, 2014

What a wonderful day!  I was getting fit at 46 with my mom.  It was the best workout yet.  We did about 40 minutes of power walking.  She is super fast and we talk the whole time!  There was no warm up and no cool down and no breaks.  But, we talked and talked, which makes the walking even harder.


Dana and her mom as workout buddies…

My parents live in this wonderful community less than a mile from Northampton, Massachussetts.  If you have never been, you must visit!  There are so many wonderful trails and paths to walk here, but being my first time to visit since they moved in, we did the neighborhood tour.  We walked the first lap to the community gardens, which were just beautiful.  I would have taken a picture, but mom wouldn’t slow down and let me.  Then, the second lap was past the trail that goes to Smith College and the river.

I must admit that 40 minutes of power walking with my mom is harder than 30 minutes of running the Galloway method!

One of the best things of staying with my mom and staying on track to Getting Fit at 46 is her food.  She and I believe in real food done right.  She is a professional chef and cooked at a leading restaurant at the inn they owned, Murphin Ridge Inn.  She, as she taught her three daughters, believes that with fresh real food, not much is needed.  Simple ingredients done right!

That is the best lesson, well maybe there are others.  But, for Getting Fit at 46, isn’t it a wonderful lesson…