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4 Day Cleanse

Definitely survived Day 1 without any issues.  So, onto Day 2……

Menu for the day:

  • Breakfast:  Morning Oats w/yellow Pear and Rose Petals
  • Lunch:  Bahn Mi (I’m saying “say what” a lot on this cleanse) Lettuce Wraps
  • Dinner:  Dill crunch Salad w/Salted Vinegar Chickpeas and Sage Seed Toast

First things first – I AM DOWN 1 1/4 lbs. this morning!  Is it bad that this is the first thing I do???   Let’s see if it holds up until tomorrow.  That’s the good news.  The bad news for ME is breakfast today is Morning Oats that looks just like oatmeal.  I know how good it is for you, but no matter how many times I have tried it and how many different ways I’ve tried it, I still go blaaaaa at oatmeal.  I am intrigued by the rose petals sprinkled on top, however, that are there to “remind me of the beauty in life!”  Of note, each meal spotlights a superfood and gives you a little life lesson on the label.  My mantra for this morning is “I am a radiant being enjoying life to the fullest.”  And, I agree…..Om……

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Sakara Life food.

I actually can’t finish my breakfast.  Not because of the taste, but because it is super filling.  I’m putting the rest in the fridge for later.  Can’t believe I actually ate it – not sure if it’s because it actually tasted okay or knowing it’s this or nothing…..Okay, okay, I did cheat again and have coffee.  At least I take it black.  I seriously can go without and that’s the only cup I have during the day.  It’s just part of my morning routine and I love it…..

Lunch wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  First, I had no idea what Bahn Mi meant and had to look it up.  It is Vietnamese for all kinds of bread.  I guess in this case bread = lettuce!  I thought they were actually going to be lettuce wraps, but in reality it was a salad with a big piece of lettuce and some diced vegetables, with a spicy orange sauce and salad dressing.  In the wraps were jalapeño-type peppers that I stupidly ate.  Stupid because I have acid reflux disease and this is one item to be avoided.  While I sat there waiting for the pain to go away, I decided I actually wasn’t very hungry and left the rest.

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Sakara Life food.

I guess not eating all of my breakfast and lunch did have consequences.  I actually was craving something this afternoon, but couldn’t pinpoint what that was.  So, rather than breaking the cleanse, I went to the farmer’s market literally down the street and got some fresh vegetables.  Some cucumbers, radishes, kohlrabi, and squash seemed to satisfy.  I’m actually patting myself on the back, as even I’m a bit surprised I didn’t break into the sweet potato chips or mixed nuts.  Willpower IS NOT one of my strengths.  Since it was so hot out, I chose to pour the detox tea over ice.  And yes, all the tea and water is doing what they’re supposed to…..

Dinner was really a basic salad with tons of chopped vegetables and chickpeas.  Some of the lettuce was even a little wet and wilted, so I added my own fresh that I got at the farmer’s market.  I really could have made this myself without any problem and often do; nothing special.

twcsakaradin2PicMonkey Collage

Sakara Life food.

It’s 9:30 pm and it looks like I’ll make it through Day 2 without cheating, with good energy, and still feeling full, despite seeing Lay’s potato chip and York Peppermint Patty ads on TV.  The company sent me an email this pm with the next two days menus.  The picture looks delicious.  Let’s just hope reality doesn’t disappoint…Oh, the leftover oatmeal is still in the fridge…..