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How to Manage Triathlon Training with Toddlers Like a Pro

Triathlon training is tough no matter what and we know we don’t really have to tell you that. Many people work out two times a day and it can get really hard if you live with a partner, wife, and/or kids. Especially the kids! Think about the hours you put in training alone. Now, figure in those hours you spend preparing to work out; getting…

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5 Stages of Trisupporter Triathlon Withdrawal

My husband’s last triathlon this year was in March at Ironman 70.3 California and that’s it for the rest of the year. I have noticed changes in him, which I will write about at a later date, but since this reality set in, I have surprisingly noticed a change in my attitude and have experienced a whole mixed bag of reactions throughout this summer. So,…

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The Sport Of Spectating Ironman Mont Tremblant

  This post has been updated as of 8/12/18. We’ve been trisupporters at multiple Ironman Mont Tremblant races, both 70.3 and full distance. It’s one of our favorites from a spectating point of view, especially if you are staying close to the village and can go back and forth during the day. The town couldn’t be more supportive of this race. In fact, they now…

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4 Ways to handle alone time while your triathlete trains

If you’re like us, as a triwife/tripartner of a triathlete, you’re spending a lot of alone time this time of year – it’s RACE SEASON. Yeah! With our triathletes working full-time during the week and often on weekends, plus having brutal training schedules, we’re left to fend for ourselves and our families. It took a lot of adjustment and we’re still not always happy campers,…

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