how to avoid jet lag
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Tried and True Tips to Avoid and Manage Jet Lag

When I lived in London for several years, I actually sort of commuted.  While my husband lived there full time, I would come and go every 10 days to two weeks.  We also did a lot of traveling around the world during this time.  Not only did I rack up the frequent flyer miles and get to know a lot of flight attendants personally on…

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whole wheat biscuits
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Super Simple Whole Wheat Biscuits Recipe

  Eating real food does not mean skipping the things you love.  In our house, we love a light, yummy biscuit every now and then, especially when they’re warm and topped with honey and fresh butter.  The difference is we make them from scratch and use real ingredients.  Taking only 30 minutes from start to finish, these whole white biscuits are also the perfect, last…

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sailing the british virgin isles
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You Know It Was a Great Vacation When…

  There are vacations and then there are VACATIONS!! I certainly hope you’ve experienced the difference in your travels.  My husband and I recently went on a 9-day sailing adventure around the British Virgin Isles with another couple and can’t stop thinking AND talking about it, we had such a fantastic time.  And that’s what spawned the idea for this post. YOU KNOW IT WAS…

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Well, I have to admit that my triathlon life is nothing short of a roller coaster. The 2014 triathlon season came to an abrupt end on May 30th at the hands of a drunk driver. 2015 started with Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico, then ended quickly at Ironman Texas. It was a long, hard race and seemed as if his body had not recovered properly from…

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traveling with other couples can end well
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How To Make Traveling With Couples End Happy

We recently spent 9 days traveling with another couple, 7 of which were spent on a sailboat.  It could have been a disaster or pure bliss.  It’s hard to know going in which it will be.  You could be the best of friends for many years and then be constantly at each other’s throats on vacation together.  It only takes one bad comment, adverse event,…

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Tips for Spring Cleaning for Travelers

Spring is finally here and as you clean out your closets and homes, don’t forget to do the same to all your travel needs. Think about it…We pack our clothes, personal care items, shoes, dirty clothes, and so much more in our suitcase and bags within our suitcase.  We then place our suitcases, carry-on bags, and what not on planes where so many people touch…

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in Home, Life with a Triathlete


We recently spent 9 days with another couple, 7 of which were on a sailboat. We had no idea what to expect going in. While we’ve known each other for quite a few years, we’ve never spent any serious time together. And, what made this trip even more interesting and a huge question mark was that both husbands are triathletes who would be trapped on…

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We love Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico and it’s always at the top of our race list. I will say, though, there are a few things to pay attention to as a spectator. It’s not a super stroller-friendly race. Although there’s only one transition area, the swim-in is a haul and getting back to swim-out can be difficult. And, if you are not a bit of…

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