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The Amazing Benefits Of World Travel With Your College Kids

Children grow up way too fast and then all of a sudden, they are off to college. We have always been a family that travels and have taken the kids with us at all stages. But, after traveling so many years with them and them on their own, my husband and I have come to the conclusion that traveling with college age kids offers many…

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A Ridiculously Easy and Delicious Tomato Bisque

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. Well, the fact is, I love all of the seasons, just for very different reasons. Summer is my favorite foodie season with all of the wonderful colorful, organic fruits and vegetables that are available. Dana ZuckerI am a home cook that does things my way. In my kitchen, I make breakfast, pack lunches, prepare snacks, and cook dinner….

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When Your Travel Expectations and Reality Collide

You book your trip because a friend said it was their “best trip ever”. You don’t do your own research or check out other reviews, because you figure your friend wouldn’t steer you wrong and if they like it, you’ll like it. After all, it does seem like the place is just your style. Then this happens…your luxury travel expectations and reality collide. Believe me,…

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Do you need a light lunch or a quick snack after that afternoon work out? Having friends or family over and need an appetizer plate? Or, just don’t feel like having a regular meal for dinner? Then, a Mediterranean Platter can be the perfect choice. In the summer, I always have eggplants and fresh veggies on hand that are available from the garden or the…

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