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Make A Great Impression With These Top Picks For Hostess Gifts

We have received some awesome hostess gifts this year!  And I mean awesome! I was asked to pick out my top 5, so here they are in no particular order.  Well, maybe a little bit of an order. These are not just great for the holiday season, but year round – think housewarming – and they all say, “Hey, I really put some thought into…

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Three Important Lessons I Learned About Using Diffusers

David and I have been LOVING our essential oils, but are definitely still newbies and in the learning phase.  But, I’d love to share with you three important things I learned about using my diffuser at night… 1.  Lavender is our thing. Seriously, it has been years since we have really slept thru the night; like not even get up to go to the bathroom.  Well,…

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I can’t believe summer is FINALLY here.  I have been waiting so long for this moment.  With the advent of summer, comes backyard barbeques, beach picnics, and impromptu entertaining.  Summer just seems to mandate nothing fancy and elaborate.  The same holds true for triathlete get-togethers. After a long ride or run with friends, no one really wants to fix anything complicated.  It’s time to relax,…

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