v e g e t a b l e  o f  t h e  w e e k

food, food, food….

Getting Fit at 46 while my trihubby gets back into training has been very interesting…He started with a new coach and a nutritionist, which means I also have a new nutritionist.  But, that’s a whole other good story that I will share later.  The story behind this post is that a friend asked how dinner was going with David’s needs and my needs, so I wanted to share the answer – in words AND pictures.

The new meal plan has been pretty easy for us to incorporate.  We eat real food, which is what she advocates.  David eats more naturally because he has huge workouts and I eat less, well frankly, because I don’t have huge workouts and weight maintenance is just harder for me…But, we are both very happy.  I have always used real foods and fresh ingredients and so am thrilled that working with this new nutritionist confirmed we’ve been doing the right thing.  She also has thrown some new ideas and thoughts into the mix, which we needed.

So, here it is!  Here is what we had for dinner last week.  I will admit not exactly what the nutritionist had down for my trihubby, but we made changes to work for us!  Warning – I am married to the GM/VP of Omaha Steaks, so you know where my protein comes from…even the fish…


Purple rice, a fillet, and braised red cabbage.  Let’s just call it our purple meal.  When I put it out, we laughed so hard remembering when the twins were little and they would ask for orange dinner (salmon, carrots, and sweet potato).  Ah, the memories of empty nesters…


One of my favorite colors – purple…


Salmon, steamed broccoli, beets, kraut, and a big salad.  We love salad and I dressed this one with white balsamic vinegar that is infused with ginger and that’s it!  I poached the salmon in white wine with dill and lemon juice.


Grilled salmon is always a healthy choice…


Tacos with fresh avocado and homemade salsa.  We went veggie with this meal.  I guess we should have done for Meatless Monday!  This is my quick go-to when I need it, because I always have everything on hand.  Simply sauté onion, sweet potato, mushroom, ginger, and garlic until the sweet potato is soft.  Add  beans and greens and the taco of choice – we like corn –  and you’re done!


Ingredients for veggie taco night..


Buffalo steak with beets, kraut, couscous, and roasted brussel sprouts.  Back to steak for tonight!  I topped the couscous with fresh pepper, tomato, and basil sauce.


Buffalo steak with all the trimmings…


Grilled shrimp and scallops with bok choy and brown rice.  I had a lot of peaches that needed to be eaten, so decided to grill them.  Grilled fruit is really sooooo good, if you haven’t tried.  The shrimp and scallops just seemed to go perfectly.


Will be so sad when peaches no longer in season…


This Saturday, we had a great brunch at the football game.  The chef prepared some awesome trays and we enjoyed wonderful corn beef and my favorite lox, hard-boiled eggs, onions, capers, and fresh melon!  Oh, the game was good too…


Enjoying good food and football on a Saturday afternoon…


We eat out much of the weekend due to obligations and Sunday is always brunch out, happy hour all day, and dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants (that we walk to) like Hiro88 or Plank Seafood.  This is definitely one of the advantages of living in an urban area.

twcgfat46fdwkPicMonkey Collage

Hiro88 selections for food and drink…

I think we were pretty good this week with our choices.  It’s nice to have the restaurants close by that offer healthy selections and within our meal plan, so we don’t have to blow what we worked hard for during the week, because Getting Fit at 46 seems to take a fair amount of effort….