August 30, 2014

It’s another beautiful morning in Mystic and I’m getting fit at 46…

photo 1-32

Heading into the town of Mystic, CT.

David and I walked under the interstate.  Being a Saturday and a holiday weekend, the traffic was light.  Then, he took off for his run and I did, too.  It was nice to head into town along the Mystic River.  The view was beautiful and being 6:30 AM, we were the only ones running into town.  Nothing like a morning run, when it’s cool, quiet, with beautiful scenery and you’re with someone you love…

photo 2-29

A lovely morning in Mystic, CT.

David and I are starting to get our timing down to be able to meet up and cool down together.  Today’s run was a bit over 30 minutes and not knowing the area, we planned an out and back.  David runs much faster than I do, so he ran out 20 minutes and turned around and when he caught up to me, it was just over 30 minutes for both of us.  We slowed to a brisk walk and headed back to the hotel.  It was so nice to slow down and enjoy the sailboats, tall ships and beautiful water, as well as time with my David.

We left the hotel with the family for breakfast.  The diner across the street had real eggs, so we enjoyed a healthy breakfast and time with family, then got in the car, had our fruit, and caravanned to the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat.  We enjoyed an excursion up the Connecticut River, while David spent time with his nephew before we all headed into town for lunch.  I must say that we have been most fortunate with the weather on this trip.  It has been absolutely gorgeous pretty much every day!

photo 3-15

Enjoying time with our nephew…

My sister-in-law, Randi, and I had searched on-line to find a great place for lunch.  We wanted to be prepared to avoid any lengthy discussions about where we were going to eat, as families tend to do.  We settled on Abby’s Place, where we enjoyed wheat berry bread, salad, and crab salads, as well as yummy homemade gazpacho.  The restaurant was awesome.  Well, quite honestly,  the wait staff sucked, but Abby and her food rocked!  Back at the hotel, we walked to a wonderful little art fair, then headed out for dinner.  Food seems to play a big part in our family outings, doesn’t it?  I talk a lot about our meals, anyway!

That said…Twisters was our after dinner treat and it was so yummy!  My ice cream is the one all alone on the table – chocolate with hot fudge, caramel, and marshmallow.  Oh yeah, and whipped cream with a cherry.  If you are going to do it, do it right and go big!

photo 4-11

Going all out with ice cream…

Tomorrow we head home, without the twins….teardrop.  Empty nest life here we come.  We have a hike planned with our youngest pup for Monday afternoon and the rest we’ll play by ear…