Spring And The Triwife-2

Hey, I know it’s only February, but I’m thinking spring. The trihubby is already in training mode and focused on his first race coming up at the end of March. Me, I’m thinking about my own spring training as a triwife. I can’t just rest on last year’s laurels, after all. There are things to do and actually people to see to prepare myself for race season. With that in mind…

Aaaaah spring: When a triwife’s fancy turns to thoughts of…

  • Laundry...It’s back to having tons of stinky laundry to wash again. It was so nice not having to do a load or two everyday! Is there enough Febreeze in the house?
  • Workout & race clothes…Not yours. Your triathlete’s. Are they all in presentable shape? No thinning crotches and/or pit stains allowed.
  • Spring cleaningNot the house, but actually venturing into the workout room to see what horror lies beneath after a long winter of indoor training. Also, getting rid of those see-through crotch swim trunks and ushering in the new.


    So this is where all the recycling has been hiding…

  • Going to bed earlyHim. Me getting used to staying up by myself past 9pm.
  • Getting up early…That damn alarm going off & the light going on at 4:30am…..UGH…What’s even worse is when he forgets to shut it off and it still goes off at 4:30am on Saturday!
  • Menu changeMy house is like a farm to table restaurant. The menu changes seasonally; in-season and off-season, along with his nutritional needs.
  • Races…Are there any races I don’t “need” to go to this year? Not that I don’t love cheering him on, but not all locations are equal.
  • VacationsWondering if I’ll get an actual vacation this year not centered around a race?


    One of our last trips that didn’t involve a triathlon – Prague.

  • Travel arrangements…Are arrangements complete for scheduled races? If I don’t do it…
  • Friends…I better make sure we get together with our friends while we still can and also determine who will be around to have lunch with me on weekends.
  • Books…Getting my reading list together to occupy some time while he’s out on a long bike ride or run. Who’s got some “must read” ideas out there?
  • Girlfriend’s trip…I didn’t get to do this last year, so have to make sure it’s scheduled this year. Time to start planning.
  • Movies…Preparing that list of my “chick” flicks to watch that he won’t mind missing. Top on my list are foreign films that he really and I mean REALLY does not appreciate. He must have been scarred as a child by a bad foreign film…

So, there you have what’s on my mind about now. Isn’t spring supposed to be a time when your thoughts turn to love and romance? I don’t think anyone ever mentioned triathlons. Sad, isn’t it….