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Napa Has A Downtown! Who Knew It’s Not Just About The Wine!

I mean really. I didn’t have a clue until recently when my friend, Amy, said, “Come to Napa with me”. I thought, girl’s getaway, great, I’m in! But, I had to ask myself what would we do for four days driving from vineyard to vineyard? Then I got our itinerary. We were not leaving downtown Napa, but for a few hours one morning for a…

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Can There Be Too Much Togetherness on a Weekend Getaway?

A weekend away together does not mean every minute has to be together. It’s been a long time since David and I did a weekend away that had nothing attached to it.  No seeing the kids; no visiting family; NO TRIATHLON; no concert; nothing… Just a weekend away. Sounds crazy, I know, with how much we travel.  We didn’t talk about expectations or make any…

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The Amazing Benefits Of World Travel With College Kids

Children grow up way too fast and then all of a sudden, they are off to college. We have always been a family that travels and have taken the kids with us at all stages. But, after traveling so many years with them and them on their own, my husband and I have come to the conclusion that travel with college kids offers many benefits….

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Stay local when you travel!  And, eat local, too!  That’s our motto when we travel. Whenever we travel, we often try to rent a house in a residential neighborhood rather than stay at a hotel/resort.  And, we always eat local.  We look at all the reviews and tour books, then we turn to people in the know – the locals!  If we know someone who lives…

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Are you looking for the extraordinary in a vacation spot? Do you seek total decadence? Is money no object? Do you like to vacation where The Royal’s honeymoon (think Kate and William)? Then read further. Okay, read further anyway as you never know….Let me tell you that North Island in the Seychelles will totally satisfy ALL of these needs. My husband and I lived in…

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Sometimes the most magical places are those you haven’t traveled… Many times we are quick to judge or make assumptions based on what we read, see, or hear about.  Well, that was certainly the case with me and Yosemite National Park.  My assumptions: It would be overcrowded. There would not be hotels we were comfortable staying at. I wouldn’t really get to see the magic I…

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