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4 Day Cleanse

Day 3 note to self:  DO NOT DRINK DETOX TEA BEFORE GOING TO BED!!!!!  Will definitely need a nap later on today……Weight the same this morning, darn…..Package on my front porch….Here’s links to Day 1 and Day 2 in case you missed…..

Menu for the day:

  • Breakfast:  Pink Poppyseed Muffins w/Citrus Coconut Yogurt
  • Lunch:  Perfect Protein Salad w/Creamy Lemon Dressing
  • Dinner:  Vibrant Veggie Pasta w/Hemp Seed Pesto

Okay, breakfast is REALLY GOOD.  The muffin is great – made with carrot, beetroot, and coconut.  I would definitely eat this every morning for breakfast.  Dipped in the yogurt – yum!

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Sakara Life food.

Lunch was equally good today and huge.  Packed with chopped vegetables, chickpeas, quinoa, and apparently chia seeds, which I had never tried before.  Still not sure what they taste like or if they actually have a taste.  Anyone know???  Shared some of my chickpeas with my two dogs.  Still can’t believe they actually like them or can even taste them as they’re so small…..Oh well, they’re happy, so I’m happy.

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Sakara Life food.

Same thing happened this afternoon around 3 pm as yesterday – got this craving for some elusive food, but still feel full.  Had my iced detox tea and some sliced veges and strawberries.  Didn’t go away by 5 pm, so cheated with 5 walnuts.  I know, I’m bad!!!!!  (written with sarcasm).  Decided to run some errands, so I wouldn’t break into the parmesan crisps that just stare at me in the pantry…..I really, REALLY want one.

By the time I get home, I rationalize that it’s respectable to have dinner, but worry that I’ll be craving something later, as I never eat at 6 pm! Dinner is absolutely fine.  A big salad with julienne vegetables to resemble pasta.  Not fooling anyone…..I’ve decided it’s the dressings that help make these meals a bit more special.  They’re not your typical vinegar and oil, but have spice and texture.

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Sakara Life food.

I was right about the cravings later on, but what I’d really like is a glass of wine.  It’s almost the weekend (Thursday is close enough); it’s storming with thunder and lightning and my pups are freaking out; it’s ONLY 8 PM; and I’m bored here by myself.  I make myself proud and don’t succumb to the temptation.  Instead, I put sparkling water in a wine glass and settle in to binge watch Orange Is The New Black, season 2. Sigh….Oh, actually didn’t need that nap after all.

Since I thought the breakfast muffin was so good, but couldn’t find the recipe, I’m including a Gluten-Free Muffin recipe that Danielle Duboise, co-owner of Sakara Life, developed and swears is the only one you’ll ever need.  I’m trying next weekend when Carl’s back from Frankfurt.

Gluten-Free Muffin. Photo courtesy of Sakara Life.

Side note:  People are really right about Orange Is The New Black.  When is season 3 coming out???????  If you haven’t watched the show, I highly recommend.  It is so much fun…..