is a getaway vacation a good way to decompress with a triathlete
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5 Ways To Decompress With A Triathlete

During the off season, it’s often hard for triathletes to decompress. We think of it this way. For 10 or 11 months of the year, they dedicate 2-6 hours a day training (at least ours do). Then, add the prep time and downloading training time, reading triathlon magazines, looking on-line at the newest gear and everything else, and many hours a day are eaten up…

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How One Triwife Blew Her Chance For A Triathlon Free Life

As a triwife, I’ve lived a dream existence for the past year and a half. I’ve been on actual vacations where the word triathlon never came up in conversation. I’ve gotten to sleep in until 7am and had many nights of dinners and movies with my husband. Sherry WernickeSherry is one of the TriWivesClub and LifeDoneWell co-founders and contributes to multiple blogs. She is a…

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what's the best way for cleaning triathlete gear
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Tips for Cleaning Triathlete Gear

With the end of triathlon season quickly approaching, it’s time to think about cleaning all of the gear that has probably been neglected much of the year or left to be “cleaned” by your triathlete. Now is the time to really get in there and get all the sweat and bacteria out of there. If you make this a joint weekend afternoon project, they feel…

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how to clean luggage
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Tips for Cleaning Triathlete Bags and Luggage

With triathlon season quickly approaching, it’s time to think about cleaning all of the gear and bags, especially if you haven’t touched them during the year. Seriously! Just consider where your bags have been and what has gone into them…all that sweaty spandex and shoes. But, this doesn’t just apply to cleaning triathlete bags; it also applies to all of your luggage. And then there’s…

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does your triathlete have a case of gearitis
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Diagnosing a Case of Triathlete Gearitis

WARNING! This is a gear rant… Life with a triathlete seems to affect every aspect of my life and this includes all the stuff it adds in my life. These type A personalities need what they need, want, and what they’re told can make them a better athlete or at least look better while they’re trying. Yes, we’re partially blaming all of you triathlete magazines…

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great food in omaha during usat nationals
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Great Food And Drink In Omaha For USAT Nationals

Welcome to Omaha. You are so lucky to have landed in this great city with award winning chefs and restaurants. Being a triathlon family, when we moved here, finding the right restaurants was a priority. And, fortunately, it was not that hard at all. The USA Olympic-Distance National Championships are just a week away on August 13, so we wanted to share our cleaning eating,…

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what to do on a non triathlon weekend getaway
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Getting away and having a non-triathlon weekend vacation is just fine in-season and trust us, everyone will survive. In fact, we think sometimes it’s just what is needed for a bit of rejuvenation and is actually great for everyone, including the triathlete and the family. The first step, though, is actually leaving home. We do not recommend a staycation for this getaway. Staying at home…

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how triathlons can make you better parents
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What You Need To Tell Your Kids About Being A Triathlete

When you’ve decided to get involved in the world of triathlons, you AND your family have to adopt the lifestyle that goes along with it. If you have children, they will not be immune to the effects and should be told what their parent being a triathlete will mean to their lives. They will not be happy if they are expecting you at every soccer…

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Five Food Mistakes To Avoid Traveling With A Triathlete

Traveling with a triathlete always has its challenges. Worrying about where to swim; is there a a trail or path to run on; can they jump on a spin bike to get a ride in? Then, how much will the trip throw off the training schedule and most importantly, can the nutrition needs be met? Yes, nutrition. Sounds crazy, but it is the most important…

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what to do on the big island for ironman 70.3 hawaii
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Dana and I have been to the Big Island of Hawaii many times for vacation and the Ironman World Championships. It is such a magical place that just never gets old. While we haven’t gone for Ironman 70.3 race, known as Honu (green sea turtle), we know the island well enough to give you information to have a fantastic time. Plus, I was married at…

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