whole wheat biscuits
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Super Simple Whole Wheat Biscuits Recipe

Eating real food does not mean skipping the things you love.  In our house, we love a light, yummy biscuit every now and then, especially when they’re warm and topped with honey and fresh butter.  The difference is we make them from scratch and use real ingredients.  Taking only 30 minutes from start to finish, these whole white biscuits are also the perfect, last minute…

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what to do with leftover roasted chicken
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Get Out of the Kitchen With the Help of a Chicken

With spring getting closer, you’ll soon be spending more time outside and less time in the kitchen.  So, you need meals that are not only easy to prepare, but can be used in many different ways during the week.  I’ve found a roasted chicken with vegetables is the perfect meal to get me outside faster and who doesn’t want to spend less time in the kitchen…

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what's for dinner roasted chicken recipe
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Enjoy this easy, delicious, and healthy dinner recipe that you can get many meals out of.  This roast chicken recipe keeps on giving in a good way! We love chicken and everything about it. We love it roasted, in soup, on a salad or sandwich, and more. The simple act of roasting a really good chicken makes a chicken that keeps giving back all week…

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chocolate bark valentine's day treat
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Surprise On Valentine’s Day With An Easy, Fast, and Fun Treat

A special treat for your Valentine doesn’t have to be complicated.  Here’s how you can surprise on valentine’s day with this easy, fast and fun chocolate bark treat! Creating a special treat for your Valentine doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time, money, or ingredients.  What matters most is that it’s a little something special that comes from the heart. This…

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a delicious, easy veggie frittata
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A Delicious, Easy Frittata Made Just the Way You Like It

Planning dinner or brunch sometimes lacks the planning for me…. I just look in the refrigerator and start pulling things out. Most of the time I know it will involve eggs. A Frittata is a great choice, given it is quick, easy, always tasty, and a crowd pleaser. For this recipe, I went for a veggie Frittata, but it is easy enough to change up…

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super bowl party
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A Game Day Menu That’s More Than Chips and Dip!

Keep it simple and real with game day menu that’s more than chips and dip! Be adventurous this year with these great recipes! Just because game day parties are usually loaded with snacks and munchies does not mean that they need to be filled with processed, unhealthy foods, AND the boring chips and dip. Game Day Sunday should be a day that everyone enjoys, so…

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Yummy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Nachos

There are some nights we just want something light, fast, and yummy and this Sweet Potato and Black Bean Nachos checks all those boxes.  Plus, this dish is perfect for football watching; think upcoming Super Bowl, especially if you are looking for something that won’t leave you feeling- UGH!  It is fresh, clean, and packed with goodness. Servings:  One cookie sheet is enough for dinner for…

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Training for a triathlon takes it toll on the triathlete’s body. When you add in the body’s needs for proper nutrition, not just to get through the workout, but for recovery, too, it’s imperative that you are able to replenish your body appropriately. In a recent article on about ways to speed recovery, it states that without proper post-workout nutrition, it can take up…

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